About My Tools Guide

My Tools Guide is like a blessing place for those who work with various hardware tools. If you notice that the name ‘My Tools Guide’ has already defined itself. It guided tools users to ensure good results in their work and buyers to find the best one.

My Tools Guide offers valuable advice and suggestions to assist you in making decisions. Also, it can teach you how to do anything, from design and using guidance to improve the usage and what to choose.

My Tools Guide is just like an all-in-one guide for carpenters and plumbers who cut, drill, mold, panel, frame, or attach by themselves. Also, help to find the right tools that you need. This site usually discusses angle grinders, chainsaws, hammers, brad nailers, drillers, and so on. 

In the angle grinder section, you’ll find various guides on different how-to’s. Like changing and tightening the disk and cutting down granite and aluminum. Also discusses issues that arise in Grindr and how to resolve them. And what kind of grinder will be best for you depends on your work. It also discusses the advantages, disadvantages, and prices of different types of grinders.

In the brad nailer section, you’ll see that each post tells you how to work from scratch to get the best results. That is, even an inexperienced person can easily do the small tasks of his home or workplace by himself. Each post is very carefully written and very detailed so that you don’t get sidetracked in your work.

In the chainsaw category, you can see how to identify a good chainsaw and see some reviews along with its price. Also, we always prioritize safety first. Therefore, from how to hold a chainsaw to the end of the cut, how to operate it is shown. We have discussed how to maintain a chainsaw, clean the chain, and reuse it.

Drills and hammers are widespread tools used for almost all household tasks. Nevertheless, we have shown what else can be done with them. We’ve detailed how to operate a drill, how to drill without a drill, and what to use as an alternative. We’ve shown how a hammer can do a variety of things other than just nailing. Besides, we have been told what precautions should be taken while doing these tasks.

I hope now you understand what my website is really about. We will regularly upload blog posts about reviews of these tools and how to use them here. So stay with us and enjoy using the tools.