Can A Dremel Drill Through Stone?

Working with gemstones or pebbles to make decorative pieces or jewelry is fun. But the real challenge appears when you require drilling through the stone. While many prefer to use a handy device called Dremel, they remain confused about whether using a Dremel to drill a stone is possible or not. 

A Dremel can drill through a stone. However, it alone can’t do the job. Some other tools also needed to drill through the stone like diamond bits. Moreover, setting up and working with it should be done with patience. If anyone doesn’t know the process, drilling with a Dremel can be challenging. 

Hence, it is possible to use a Dremel to drill through a stone only if you know how to do it correctly. 

4 Simple Steps To Drill A Stone With Dremel: 

Since knowing the procedure is the only key, you must know how you can drill with a Dremel. It makes the process faster and easier even if you are new to it. Here are the 4 simple steps to drill a stone with Dremel:

Step 1- Collect The Required Tools:

Drilling a stone with a Dremel requires some other tools too. Besides, some safety measures should be taken. So here is a list mentioning the tools and materials requires to drill a stone with a Dremel: 

  • Stone
  • Dremel
  • Dremel multi chuck
  • Diamond bits or diamond core drill (small)
  • Ice cream tub or shallow water container
  • Wood or rubber platform
  • Goggles and mask
  • Towel

Now that you know what you need, here are the steps you need to follow in order to drill with a Dremel.

Step 2- Choose The Diamond Bits:

Before you work with the Dremel, it is important that you decide on the diamond bits. As a variety of diamond bits are available, you must pick the right according to the stone type. 

Here are some tips to get the right diamond bit: 

  • Measure the diameter of the string that will pass through the stone to determine the hole size. 
  • Choose the bit size accordingly but collect a set of drill bits
  • To make the hole bigger, use a diamond twist drill

Depending on how hard the stone is, you have to choose the diamond bit. If you are going to drill stone almost regularly, buy a whole diamond bit kit to get all the bits together. Use them according to the type of stone. 

Step 3- Setup The Tools: 

It is important to set up the Dremel before you use it. To set the Dremel, you have to select the diamond bit and attach it to the Dremel. For attaching safely, you have to use a multi chuck. As you would need to insert the Dremel into the water, to avoid accidents, the multi chuck is necessary. 

Now place the wooden or rubber platform in a water container. Mark the point of the stone where you need the hole. Then keep the stone on the platform and pour water. The water level should be 1 cm above the stone. 

Step 4- Start Drilling:

Now you can start drilling. To start with, you have to hold the stone either with your fingers or a clamp. Use a clamp to maintain safety as the stone is placed underwater. 

Start drilling at the marked point. You have to start it at a 45-degree angle so that the Dremel doesn’t slip away. But after you make a tiny cut, you can place the Dremel vertically to drill through it. Caution! You should be drilling with the slowest speed setting. Also, remember not to put too much pressure. The diamond bit may slip away if you put too much pressure or speed up. 

You have to move the Dremel a bit up and down to let water pass the hole. It is important because it keeps the stone and diamond bits cool. Otherwise, they both will get heated which can crack the stone and damage the bit. 

And that is all you need to do to drill through a stone using a Dremel. 

5 Tips To Drill Stone With Dremel: 

You have learned the basics about how Dremel is used to drill through a stone. But you may need some more information to do it safely and correctly. 

To help you out, I am here with 5 tips that will make your drilling process efficient and safe:

  1. Do the task in a ventilated area. Also, don’t forget to wear goggles and a mask. The drilling process may release dust and toxic substances that are not good for your health. 
  2. Keep your hands dry all the time. This is why you must keep a towel with you to wipe your hands off. Touching the Dremel with wet hands is risky. 
  3. Make sure that the multi chuck doesn’t touch the water. In fact, it has been attached for this particular purpose so that no electrical accident occurs. Only the drill bit touches the water. So be careful and cautious so that the multi chuck doesn’t get wet. 
  4. You have to be patient. Though I understand that once you cut, you may feel like speeding up to do the task quickly. But this is exactly what you should not do. Not only it may make the task imperfect, but it also reduces the life of the drill bit and may even damage the stone. So please don’t speed up. Go slow and steady. 
  5. If the stone is thick and the drill bit is not going all through the stone, you have to restart drilling from the other side. I mean you may have drilled halfway. So now, flip the stone, and start from the other side to make the task easier and efficient. Make sure to mark both sides of the stone for accuracy. 

Related Questions About Drilling Stone With Dremel: 

Can You Drill With A Dremel? 

Dremel is a handy and versatile rotary tool for drilling. You can use it professionally as well as to pursue your passion for making stone jewelry or accessories. 

A Dremel can drill. Though not suitable for heavy-duty work, a Dremel is one of the best options to make holes. Different sizes of drill bits allow you to drill through stones, pebbles, rocks, etc. So you can make different sizes of holes by drilling with a Dremel. 

Can A Dremel Drill Through A Brick? 

A Dremel is not suitable for drilling a brick. It is not an ideal device for heavy-duty work. It is best to drill through small objects to make small holes only. 

As a Dremel is a handy device, it won’t put on as much pressure as it requires to drill a brick. You would require a heavy hammer drill to work on sturdy substances like brick or concrete. On the other hand, if you try using a Dremel, its bits would be dull and the drilling would be ineffective. Therefore, a Dremel is not a good device to drill a brick. 

How Is Dremel Different Than A Drill? 

A Dremel and drill work almost the same way. They both have drill bits that go through the substances to make holes. But actually, they are different and used differently. 

A drill is used for heavy-duty work, whereas a Dremel is suitable for drilling through small and soft objects only. A Dremel is smaller than a drill, handier, and doesn’t have a handle. Also, a Dremel uses speed to drill through the object but a drill is driven by high power. 


Now that you know the entire drilling procedure with the help of a Dremel, you are ready to go! Just remind yourself about the tips I have mentioned above to make the process efficient and safe. 

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