Can You Break Bulletproof Glass With A Hammer?

Bulletproof glass is used for an additional level of security. Besides, it’s a multipurpose protective glass that isn’t so easy to break. So, This is the most curious question: can you break bulletproof glass with a hammer? Also, if it is possible, then how?

Even though bulletproof glass is made up of multiple layers of laminated glass, it can be broken with a hammer. It needs a continuous hit to break. However, it’s not an easy task to break the thick glass easily with a hammer. Only the following continuous steps can help to break the bulletproof glass.

Besides, you can get a complete detailed explanation by reading this article if you are interested in it. So, the following sections provide more explanation about this.

5 Simple Steps To Break Bulletproof Glass With A Hammer

Bulletproof glass has different types. So, the very first matter is a hammer can’t break polycarbonate glass or GPC except for monolithic acrylic. Besides, one should keep patience with breaking this glass because it’s a long process. Now explain the five steps to breaking the glass with a hammer better.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Stuff

Before breaking the bulletproof glass, some necessary tools can be needed at first. Except for bulletproof glass and a hammer, other essential tools should also keep for better results: 

  • A perfect place,
  • Stone or bricks,
  • Safety glasses or gloves.

Step 2: Keep The Glass On The Right Place

Ensure that the glass is in a high place, and the middle portion of the glass must have a gap. For this, it needs some strong stuff like stone and bricks. Bricks or stones should be placed in a way that allows easy breaking.

Step 3: Pick The Right Hammer 

Take the right hammer for this. It should be big and sturdy because you can’t break the bulletproof glass with an ordinary hammer. A sledgehammer is perfect for this. According to ‘The Family Handyman (1),  Sledgehammers are extensive and lofty-handled striking tools that grant stingless force as much as possible to a place or object. 

Step 4: Take Safety Measures

The use of a hammer and bulletproof glass may result in some severe injuries. So, everyone should maintain their safety first. While breaking the glass, some pieces of broken glass can harm the eyes. As a result, wear safety glasses that can protect the eyes from accidents. Besides, A hammer used for breaking bulletproof glass has so much weight. Hence, you must wear safety gloves to keep your hands safe.

Step 5: Hitting Continuously On Same Place

Continuously hit the glass for 5 minutes in the same place to break the glass. It takes 3-4 rounds of shooting on glass. It takes a lot of time, for instance: 1 hour. Breaking the glass depends on your effort and the repetition of hitting a hammer on that bulletproof glass.

Anyone who wants to break the glass should continuously hit it without any limitations. And have to follow the steps correctly.

5 Tips To Know Before Breaking Bulletproof Glass With A Hammer

When breaking bulletproof glass with a hammer, some tips can help get better results. Besides, it can make the task easy. So everyone should follow some tips while working with a hammer. 

Tip 1: Know The Thickness Level Of The Glass

Before breaking the bulletproof glass, don’t forget to know how thick the bulletproof glass is. The level of protection offered by different types of bulletproof glass. How Easily breaking the glass depends on the glass’s thickness. 

Tip 2:  Choose Strong And Big Hammer

Choose a sturdy sledgehammer. A long-handled, heavy sledgehammer is best for bulletproof glass. On the other hand, you can take shorter, lighter hammers for Smaller, lighter jobs. A hammer whose length is more than three feet and has up to 20 pounds of weight is granted as the longest and highest hammer.

Tip 3: Ensure Safety First 

Never compromise with safety. So before doing this work, take essential safety to save from serious injury. Maintain a distance from the glass so that while breaking the glass, that can’t harm. Overall, all the safety stuff that can be saved from the accident should be taken.

Tip 4: Hit Continuously On Same Place

Have to keep patience and continuously hit on the same glass place. Hitting them for 5 minutes in the same place of the glass helps to break the glass easily. Therefore, choose a central place of the glass for a hit.

Tip 5: Keep Patience 

While breaking the thick glass like bulletproof glass, a must-have tip must maintain patience. It isn’t light glass that takes little time and labor. It takes a huge amount of time and labor. After all, it’s a lengthy process that can even take 1 hour.

Related questions: 

Is A Hammer The Only Way To Break The Bulletproof Glass?

A hammer isn’t one only equipment to break the bulletproof glass. There are also other ways to break that, such as breaking the bulletproof glass by shooting with a gun or grenade and hitting with hard stone.

Breaking that multiple layers of bulletproof glass using a rifle round or rocket-propelled grenade (RPG). At the same time, tools are potent, and Mako sharks are powerful enough that they can also break the bulletproof glass. Besides, continuously hitting and throwing towards the same place of the glass helps to damage the glass. 

Can You Break Bulletproof Glass With Your Hand?

It is impossible to break this thick glass with one hand. Bulletproof glass has so much protection, and its thickness is not the same as ordinary glass. Consequently, no one shouldn’t imagine breaking it with their hands. 

The most important thing is to always be careful about your safety first. Bulletproof glass has different protection levels that can’t easily break with the hand without serious injury. According to INSULGARD (2), level 8 bulletproof glass was available historically. So, no one can damage this protection level with a hand. 

Does hammer or stone break the bulletproof glass easily?

Hammer is the right choice for breaking the bulletproof glass easily. Though   

Both hammer and stone are efficient in breaking bulletproof glass, a hammer can break the glass more precisely, considering comfort and usability. Additionally, you should throw the stone with the highest force. So there is some risk as well.

According to TDTEBO (3), not all bulletproof glass has an extra layer of shielding. So it can be broken with stone without any hazard. But in this case, safety should be the priority. So a hammer is the best to crush the glass quickly and safely. 

Can A Hammer Break Level 10 Bulletproof Glass?

A hammer or other powerful thing can’t break the bulletproof glass’s level 10. But it can damage the glass if the hammer is not broken. This glass is used in embassies, military, and high-level government buildings for high protection. 

Besides, level 10 bulletproof glass is so thick that it can give the utmost protection. It can stop bullets from a.50 caliber rifle. So breaking level 10 glass with a hammer is not so simple. It can be smashed but not correctly broken when trying to break the glass by hitting.

Final Touch:

I hope all may be clear on how a bulletproof glass can break with a hammer. The importance of bulletproof glass cannot be overstated. Besides, breaking a bulletproof glass isn’t a cup of tea either. Everything builds and breaks in its way. So if you genuinely maintain the rule of breaking bulletproof glass, I think you will be successful.


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