Can You Cut Aluminum With An Angle Grinder? [Know The Fixes]

The angle grinders are robust tools that can cut almost any material. But the question arises from the users, is it possible to cut aluminum with an angle grinder? Cutting with an angle grinder is easy, and maintenance is also straightforward. You can cut the aluminum using the angle grinder precisely. 

The straight and sharp cutting disc of angle grinders can provide fantastic results according to the desired cut. Its powerful motor and blade are enough to make an accurate and exact cut. Moreover, the grinder machine is perfect for polishing, sanding, and sharpening with grinding anything.

Therefore, here we’ll discuss angle grinder cutting aluminum’s risk factors and how to prevent it. You will get all the answers related to cutting aluminum with an angle grinder.

How To Cut Aluminum With An Angle Grinder: Step-By-Step Guide

Cutting aluminum with the grinding machine is not complicated. But before starting it, you should know the method. Now, let’s move on to the discussion about the step by step method of cutting aluminum with an angle grinder:

Step-1 Making Safe Environment For Your Working:

Before starting working, you have to maintain safety for your environment. Keep your working tools safe. Try to illuminate your working environment as much as possible. Make a proper ventilation system for relieving work. Be aware of your power connection and others like that.

Step-2 Using Protector:

Try to use protection for your safe work. For eye protection, you can wear glasses or goggles. To protect your ear, you should wear muffs. It protects your ears from hearing damage. Indeed, you have to wear gloves for this work. The grinding tool is dangerous for its blade, disc, or something like that. You should wear gloves. 

Step-3 Choosing The Disc And Angle:

Now the critical part of selecting the disc and angle. Choose it according to your project work, the aluminum thickness, sharpness, edge cut, etc. So, before choosing the tools, you should consider the things related to your cuts.

Step-4 Checking The Aluminum Thickness:

You should check the thickness of the aluminum because you should select the wheel or blade. Moreover, you have to be prepared to cut. The more consistency, the more influential the disc or cut needs to be.

Step-5 Starting Cutting:

Mark the aluminum cut area you need to cut. After taking all the preparation, now you have to start cutting. Set the disc in the grinding machine. Connect the power, and press the spindle lock. Now, make a smooth, straight, and exact cut.

Step-6 Finishing Your Cut:

After completing the basic cut, you can cut even and smooth. The aluminum edge cut needs to be exact, accurate, and even. Match the marking and check if it is okay or not.

5 Best Angle Grinder For Cutting Aluminum: Dyer’s Choice

Each type of angle grinder may have different characteristics. There is one for the best. It is challenging to say the name of one in comparison. However, the five best grinders for cutting aluminum are discussed below:

If you are looking for a grinder brand that is best for overall features, you should choose Makita Lithium Angle Grinder. This machine is perfect for selecting for a mighty speed, fantastic cut with a reasonable budget. You can get the overall feature convenience from it.

On the other hand, you can choose Bosch Corded Brand if you find the powerful high speed. It is best for speed. That means you can select it for the best power. Besides, Metabo-4,½ Inch is famous for the user’s budget. Its reasonable price makes it comfortable to buy.

Moreover, you have to buy Dewalt Brand if you want a cordless machine. You can get this benefit in the product correctly. For getting the benefits of sharpening the carving tools, you should select the Ronix Grinder Machine to buy. So, know the machine limitations and potential variations that may cut different quality cutting aluminum.

5 Things You Should Consider When Cutting Aluminum With Angle Grinder

Using the grinding machine is tricky work. But if you don’t know about the method, it’s complicated. Moreover, you have to consider some essential things when cutting aluminum with the tool. The critical five things are given below:

1.Protect Yourself:

You must take protection for your eyes, ears, hands, and overall. You should wear earplugs, heavy-duty gloves, protective footwear, and eye protection to prevent injuries. Moreover, aluminum dust can cause skin irritants. You must immediately flush water into the skin if it comes in contact. 

2.Aluminum Depth:

Aluminum depth observation is a big thing while cutting it. You have to use the grinder according to the depth or thickness. Though aluminum is soft, it may occur hazardous when cutting it. So, take steps according to your metal extensions.

3.Keeping Disc Straight:

While cutting it, you have to keep your disc straight. Keep your disc uncurving by holding your machine and cutting the aluminum for a sharpening or straight cut. Before starting to cut, know the cutting method with the tool appropriately.

4.Hold The Grinder:

Hold your grinder with your two hands properly. You have to hold tightly with your hands for straight, smooth, and even cuts. That’s why, when you get tired, don’t work with the propeller. You can lose your mark direction on aluminum.


Remember that you are going to make an event of a fire. For this, you should take some fire protection like an extinguisher. Use it when you feel it is hazardous to make a fire with the tool. 

Related Questions:

Is It Safe To Use An Angle Grinder On Aluminum?

An angle grinder is a powerful tool, and the speed might be a dangerous combo. However, taking safety precautions will prevent any accidents. Make sure to secure the disc on the angle grinder accurately. Moreover, always wear safety gear PPE to protect any dust particles produced from the grinding.

You must ensure that aluminum is secure in C-clamp and on a flat surface to keep it steady. That’s not all; You can draw a straight line on the material for more precise and desired work or even use awl to stretch points for zigzag designs.

Is It Hard To Cut Aluminum With An Angle Grinder?

You have to choose the correct disc before starting the process and mark both ends of the aluminum. Moreover, you must also have a firm grip on it as it vibrates. Put a little pressure and keep your hands steady. You don’t need intensive pressure as both the disc and aluminum are thin.

Also, you shouldn’t change the direction while cutting. It could cause no precise work or cut through the drawn line. Although at some point, you may feel that the grinder is slowing down, you must continue. After achieving the desired result, use a 40 grit flapper to smooth the edges.  

Does Cutting Aluminum With Angle Grinder Produce Sparks?

When any metal is broken off the surface, it heats up and ignites due to abrasion. The sparks contain dust and small particles that could ignite flammable material around the area, causing a fire. So, ensure the area is free from combustible materials as the hot sparks and chips blasting while cutting aluminum can cause explosion or burn incidents

Moreover, you must use a brush or vacuum to incline it. Furthermore, you should wear earplugs, heavy-duty gloves, protective footwear, and eye protection to prevent injuries. 

Is Aluminum Dust A Hazardous Waste?

Aluminum does make hazardous waste as it can be flammable. After completing the work, you must keep it in a cool, well-ventilated, and dry place and gently throw it. The spilled aluminum waste should be cleaned immediately using safety gloves, goggles, and respirators. 

However, there are no specific requirements to dispose of the aluminum that makes aluminum dust hazardous material. Moreover, aluminum dust can cause skin irritants. You must immediately flush water into the skin if it comes in contact. 

Final verdict: 

In this article, we have answered about can you cut aluminum with an angle grinder? The angle grinder can chop any material due to its powerful motor and function. However, you must choose the correct disk depending on the material. 

Moreover, aluminum dust could lead to burns or explosions, so you must take precautions while disposing of the material, or it may cause health issues. To prevent that, you must wear protection. 

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