Can You Cut Granite With An Angle Grinder? [Know Deeply]

An angle grinder is an excellent home improvement tool to grind, polish, and cut something. People sometimes use this tool to cut metals and other materials. But can you cut granite with an angle grinder? 

It is possible to cut granite with the help of an angle grinder. However, the control a user gets from an angle grinder is not the best. The user has to be great with operating home improvement tools and use the angle grinder in a certain way. Only then cutting granite with it will be effortless.

In this article, I will show you exactly how to do this and avoid mistakes. So I tell you to read this article for your sake. Let’s get the real thing started.

How To Cut Granite With An Angle Grinder: 8 Steps To Go

As I have already mentioned, cutting granite with an angle grinder can be tricky. But if you know the exact rules and techniques, you can get the job done effortlessly. Below is the step-by-step guide for hassle-free cutting.

Step 1: Preparatory Step

At first, you have to get the following items to start the cutting process:

  • The Angle Grinder;
  • Diamond blade;
  • Masking Tape;
  • Blower Or Vacuum Cleaner;
  • Sponge or Wet Cloth.

Step 2: Make The Granite Ready

After you have gathered all the items, you have to get the granite ready. It means, if possible, place the granite in a place where there is less chance of fall risks. If it is not possible, take help from another person to hold the granite.

Use the masking tape to tape the granite on the areas you want to cut. Then, mark the cutting area with a marker. In this way, your cutting line will be straight, just like a professional. 

Step 3: Prepare The Grinder

Once the granite is ready to cut, you must prepare the grinder. An angle grinder with a regular blade won’t be able to cut granite. Besides, the ability of the standard blades of a grinder to get through materials is not enough.

Use a diamond-impregnated blade to get the job done instead. This particular blade is perfect for cutting granite with an angle grinder. In addition, the angle grinder should support a grinding wheel that is at least 4.5 inches.

Step 4: Set The Correct Angle For Accurate Cut

When the angle grinder is ready, you must start the actual process. Try to hold the grinder at a convenient and comfortable angle for you. A 45-degree angle seems the best in this type of circumstance. 

Step 5: Start Cutting The Granite With Small Cuts

This step alone makes the difference between cutting granite and cutting other types of materials. You can’t normally proceed with cutting. You have to cut the granite by performing minor cuts. Don’t cut the whole granite all at once. There are several demerits to it.

First, the cut won’t be good in this way. Second, the blade will become very hot and won’t be at an operable stage. And at last, the granite will be so dusty that you won’t see a thing to operate the grinder.

Step 6: Use The Sponge To Cool Down The Granite And The Blade

Letting the granite or the blade become hot should not be your job. Use the wet cloth or sponge after each break. Moreover, taking frequent breaks doesn’t indicate that you are a newbie. Patience is the key here. 

Step 7: Use The Vacuum Cleaner To Get Rid Of Dust

The functional area will be very dusty in this process. If you don’t have any option but to do the function inside, take help from a vacuum cleaner. In this way, you can get rid of the dust from the granite.

Step 8: Finish Your Cutting

Take a break and again continue cutting. Make sure the blade remains cold before starting the cutting process again. By continuing this process, you should be able to finish the entire project of cutting. After that, it should be ideal for taking help from a professional to assemble the granites to create the floor.

6 Tips To Use Angle Grinder To Cut Granite

To get the tricky process done with ease, you have to be more careful and alert your eyes. Here are the six tips to help you accomplish your mission-

Tip 1: Prepare Your Angle Grinder Well

Your angle grinder is the primary weapon here to cut the granite. Prepare your gun well so that something disastrous doesn’t happen. A machine that is capable of operating at 1100 RPM should be enough. Besides, the grinding wheel should be at least 4.5 inches.

Tip 2: Choose A Special Blade

You should always try to get the diamond-impregnated blade. Without it, you won’t be able to do the cutting properly. Other edges are not suitable for granite cutting. 

Tip 3: Opt For An Outdoor Place

The granite cutting process is almost always messy. The room will be very dusty after the procedure. Your vision may become blocked. Plus, who loves a messy house? So, if possible, opt for an outdoor place. 

Tip 4: Use Marking For Better Accuracy

If you are not a pro, marking the granite well is an excellent idea. Even professionals draw the cutting area so that they don’t make a tiny mistake. Mark the granite by getting help from a masking tape and a marker. 

Tip 5: Start The Cutting By Small Cuts

Don’t try to cut the granite at once. It is not suitable for several reasons. If you try to cut granite in one go, the whole place will become dust. In addition, the blade and the operating surface will be dead hot. So, continue with minor cuts. 

Tip 6: Beware Of The Heat

Hit is not a welcoming thing in this process. You should avoid heat as much as you can. Because extreme heat will damage the blade and the granite, try to cool down both of them by using a sponge or wet cloth after every break.

Related Questions:

What Angle Grinder Blade Will Cut Granite?

An angle grinder with a typical blade won’t cut granite. You will need an angle grinder that is equipped with a diamond-impregnated blade. This diamond blade is necessary for smooth and precise cuts, which you can’t get with a regular blade.

The teeth on the blade are made of carbide and can cut through material up to 1/4 inch in thickness. You’ll need a larger diamond blade if you’re cutting thicker pieces of granite.

How Do You Cut A Granite Top With A Grinder?

The easiest way to cut granite with an angle grinder is to use a masonry bit. These bits have a diamond-shaped tip that easily removes tiny amounts of material. Thus, it is easier to get clean lines when cutting your top.

Don’t forget to use a wet cloth to cool down the blade after each use. Finish the process by cutting the entire marked area.

Can You Grind Granite Countertops?

You can grind granite countertops, but you need to be careful. Granite is a hard stone, and it’s challenging to grind it completely smooth. Therefore, you shouldn’t do it yourself unless you have experience with angle grinders and know how to use them properly.

Besides, you will need a diamond wheel to use on a grinder. In this way, you will be able to smoothen the granite perfectly.

Can You Cut Granite Yourself With an Angle Grinder?

You can cut granite yourself with an angle grinder using a diamond blade. But, it will take more time and effort than cutting other materials such as wood or drywall. In addition, you will need more precision to cut granite than to cut plywood or wood.

Unlike cutting other materials with an angle grinder equipped with a typical blade, you have to start with minor cuts. Besides, to avoid mistakes, you have to do things slowly. 

How Much RPM Does Angle Grinder Take To Cut Granite?

An angle grinder that can operate at 1100 RPM will be enough for the job. But RPM is not the only factor here. You need to have the right equipment and a good knowledge of how to use it properly. 

You will also need some safety gear like goggles and gloves to avoid any accidents. These safety gear will also protect you from dust from operating the angle grinder on granite. 

Final Touch:

Cutting granite with an angle grinder is not a piece of cake. But you can accomplish your mission if you follow the steps correctly and with a little more precision. 

In addition, there are some factors that you have to keep in mind, like cooling off the blade and such. If you are a dedicated and hardworking person, cutting granite with an angle grinder won’t be an issue. 

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