Carpet Drill Brush: Know To Get The Best From Them

A carpet drill brush is an exclusive type of brush that can be attached to an electric drill machine to do the ultimate cleaning of a carpet. They can clean a lot of other surfaces besides carpets.

You might be wondering whether there is any necessity to write a whole article about carpet drill brush only. Let me be clear about this. If you can get an idea about what miracles can be done by these simple carpet drill brushes, you wouldn’t have that confusion.

I am an engineer and a blogger by passion respectively. In this article, I will tell you about the ins and outs of carpet drill brushes. If you have them in your house or if you are planning now to buy one, be with me till the end of this article. You won’t regret it.

7 Steps To Clean With Carpet Drill Brush: The Best Way 

You might be thinking that carpet drill brushes are meant to clean carpets only. But astonishingly, the same tool is capable of cleaning many types of surfaces. The basic procedure remains the same. Here are the basic steps you need to follow to clean a surface with a carpet drill brush:

Step 1- Prepare The Surface:

First of all, you need to define the exact area you would like to clean using a carpet drill brush. Clean the surface with a brush for raw and dry dirt.

Step 2- Vacuum Clean The Surface:

Before using the drill brush, you must vacuum the surface for loose dirt. This will make the job easier for the carpet drill brush. It is also required for complete deep cleaning.

Step 3- Apply The Cleaning Agent:

Using a spray bottle, wet the whole surface with a suitable cleaning agent. Depending on the nature of the surface, you have to choose the befitting cleaning agent carefully.

When in doubt, you can make your cleaning agent at home very easily. For that, you have to add bleaching powder and vinegar with water. You can use the same drill machine to transfer the required water from one place to another, following the instructions of this article, also written by me.

The ratio of bleaching powder, vinegar, and water would be 1:1:10. That means you have to mix 100 ml of bleaching powder and vinegar with 1 ltr of water to make the homemade cleaning agent.

Step 4- Get The Drill Ready:

Some electric drills are cordless and run by batteries, while some others need to be plugged into the electronic socket. Get your drill to the spot and ensure its power supply.

Step 5- Choose The Correct Brush:

The carpet drill brush does not come with a single brush only. Depending on the nature of the surface to clean you have to choose the perfect brush to be used. 

For different types of surfaces, there are different brushes with variant stiffness in the bristle. Also, the shape of the brush can vary for different types of usage.

Step 6- Do The Cleaning:

Now that the stage is ready, start the act. After attaching the perfect brush with the drill machine, pull the trigger of the drill.

Press the brush hard on the surface while it is being rotated in full throttle. Do this for at least 30 seconds over every part of the surface that you wish to see deep-cleaned. You will notice a layer of dirty foam over the surface.

Step 7- Vacuum The Surface Again:

Finally use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirty foam from the surface. Vacuum twice to get the extra moisture from the surface too. Now see yourself the magic carpet drill brush has done to your surface.

What Are Carpet Drill Brushes Used For?

You will find it amazing that carpet drill brushes can be used on so many surfaces. To get the toughest stains and specks of dirt on different surfaces, the carpet drill brush uses different brushes with various bristles. I have categorized the surfaces to be cleaned by carpet drill brush by the type of bristle it uses:

Types Of Carpet Drill BrushSurfaces That Can Be Cleaned
Soft-Bristled Carpet Drill BrushCar Wheels, Carpets, Upholstery, Glass, Leather.
Middle-Bristled Carpet Drill BrushFloor Tiles, Bathtub, Showers, Porcelain, Kitchen Stoves, Cabinets/Counters, Linoleum Floors, Boats/Kayak, Plastic.
Stiff-Bristled Carpet Drill BrushOutdoors, Bricks, Garage, Gutter
Hard-Bristled Carpet Drill BrushGrills, Furnaces, Ovens.

4 Tips For Taking Care Of Carpet Drill Brushes: Let Them Last Longer

Like all other handy tools, carpet drill brushes also need proper maintenance before and after every use. If you want your carpet drill brushes to last long, follow my personal 4 tips to taking care of them:

Tip 1- Clean The Drill Brush:

The basis of the maintenance of carpet drill brush is keeping them clean, especially after using them. 

You should use warm water and mild cleaning agents to clean the drill brushes. Dry up the brushes completely before putting them back in the box.

Tip 2- Keep The Brushes In A Box:

When not in use, always keep your carpet drill brushes in a closed box. If they are kept open, dust or humidity can affect the brushes.

Tip 3- Choose Brush Carefully:

As I have already said, there are four types of carpet drill brushes. Depending on the structure of the surface you have to use the correct brush. Otherwise, you may destroy the bristles of the brush very quickly. Go through the manufacturer’s manual to know more about this.

Tip 4- Take Care Of The Drill Machine:

Carpet drill brushes work along with the drill machine. Always keep your drill machine cleaned. You may follow this article of mine to clean the bits of the drill machine. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Carpet Drill Brush:

How To Clean Carpet With Carpet Drill Brush?

Cleaning carpets with carpet drill brushes is easy and effective. The steps are described here:

  • Vacuum clean the carpet before cleaning it with a carpet drill brush.
  • Apply the cleaning agent all over the carpet evenly. You should use a spray bottle to ensure an even distribution of cleaning agents.
  • Attach the carpet drill brush with a drill machine and start cleaning the carpet by pressing the brush against it with some pressure.
  • Vacuum clean the carpet again and let the carpet floor dry up before using them.

Can You Deep-Clean Your Carpet With A Carpet Drill Brush?

Carpet drill brushes are made to be used by ordinary people. However, the output of a rigorous cleaning by carpet drill brush can give your carpet a brand new look.

So apparently you can deep-clean your carpet with a carpet drill brush. But a professional deep clean means a lot more than just cleaning.

Can You Attach A Drill Brush To Any Drill?

Carpet drill brushes can be attached to any cordless drill machine. If you are using a non-cordless drill machine, read the user manual of the drill machine for guidance, before attaching it with carpet drill brushes.

Which Cleaning Agent Should You Use With Carpet Drill Brush?

Choosing the perfect cleaning agent depends on the nature of the surface that is being cleaned. There are many commercial cleaning agents available in the market, which work almost excellently.

However, you can make your homemade cleaning agent very easily. All you need to do is mix ¼ cup of salt, ¼ cup of borax powder, and ¼ cup of vinegar.

Is Carpet Drill Brush Rough On Carpet Flooring?

Some people have claimed that after using carpet drill brushes to clean their carpet flooring, they found the texture of the carpet to become rough. There can be two reasons behind this. 

First, maybe the cleaning agent that you used is not recommended for carpet cleaning. The second reason could be the brush itself. As you know there is more than one type of carpet drill brush. You should use a more soft-bristled brush to save your carpet from roughness.

Final Words:

In the modern world, machines are our friends. A drilling machine with carpet drill brushes can be one of your best friends if you love to keep your surroundings clean all the time. I recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions meticulously for a smooth cleaning.

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