Drill Not Working? Try These…

Drill machines have become an important part of our lives. They are used for making a hole in the wall, transferring water from one place to another, and even for cleaning carpets. Nowadays a single drill machine can be your best friend while taking care of your home.

The growing dependency on drill machines has made it impossible for us to accept that the drill is not working even for a day. But the reality is like any other tools drills can have issues and sometimes need proper attention to work effectively.

I am an engineer by profession. In this article I will make you aware of all the possible problems you can have with your drill machines and how to solve them yourself.

11 Reasons And Solutions For Drills Not Working: 

The first thing to do when your drill is not working should be to identify the exact problem. My experience says, most of the time it is the drill chuck. In many situations drill chucks do not open and for that we cannot start our work. 

Here I am listing 11 problems that could be stopping your drill chuck from opening:

  1. The Screw is Loosened:

If you take a closer look at the chuck of your drill machine, you will notice a screw there. Sometimes, with a regular use of the drill machine, the screw gets loosened.

When the screw is misaligned, it gets loosened and strops the teeth inside a drill machine from moving. Thus a loosened screw makes your drilling machine unusable.

  • Solution – Get The Screw Tightened:

The solution to this problem is really simple. All you need to do is make the loosened screw tight enough.

You have to use the appropriate screwdriver for the job. Make sure the driver is compatible with the screw. You will find an opening in the drill machine. Get your screwdriver through the opening to reach the screw.

Remember that the screw of a drill machine is threaded in a reversed manner. So you will need to move the screwdriver anti-clockwise to make it tight. Make the screw tight but not too tight. Otherwise, it will create some unnecessary friction inside the drill machine.

  1. A Keyless Drill Chuck:

Some certain drill machines in the market have chucks that do not have a key to open. If your drill chuck is keyless and it has stopped working, then it is hard to fix them.

To make sure your drill chuck does not have any keys, you have to remove them and inspect them thoroughly.

  • Solution – Get A New Chuck:

When a keyless chuck does not open, it is not possible to fix it at all. The only solution is to remove the chuck and replace it with a new one. A good preventive measure can be not buying a drill machine whose chuck does not have a key.

  1. Improper Usage:

For most of the new users of drill machines, it is a common problem to fail to understand how the drill machine works. As a result, the drill chuck does not open and the drill machine remains unusable.

The drill chuck has mainly two parts. Generally, they have two distinct colors. One is black and the other is yellow.

You are supposed to hold the black part of the drill machine while making some adjustments with the drill chuck or removing it. The yellow part of the drill machine is supposed to be pressurized to open or close the chuck.

Sometimes, drill chucks cannot be opened even following the above procedure. Then you have to use some more leverage on the yellow part.

  • Solution – Use Wrenches:

If your drill chuck does not open even after putting pressure on the yellow part, you have to use a pipe wrench on it to apply some extra leverage.

Another solution could be using a locking plier. Lock pliers can also give you the needed leverage to open the drill chuck.

  1. Your Drill Machine Is Dirty:

While using the drill machine, in many cases there is excessive dust in the air. This is more true when you are making a hole in the wall. Eventually, this dust accumulates inside your drill machine.

The dust along with the moisture in the air can make your drill machines so dirty inside that your drill machine can become inoperable. The stickiness created by the dirt inside a drill machine makes it gummy.

  • Solution – Clean The Drill Regularly:

The simple solution for this problem is to clean your drill machine after every use. If it has been already dirty for a long time a simple wash will not work at all.

I suggest using the water-displacing spray. There are quite a few water-displacing sprays available in the market. These sprays prevent rust, remove moistures, and at the same time work as a lubricant.

If your drill machine is stuck with moist dirt, it can be made operable just by cleaning with a water-displacing spray.

  1. Rusty Chuck Jaw:

Another common problem of non-functioning drill machines is rust in the jaw of the chuck. Even a little rust in the chuck can make the drill machine unusable.

The jaws of the chuck are directly connected with the drill bit. If they are rusty the bit will not move at all.

  • Solution – Remove The Rust:

You should perform two procedures to remove the rust from the jaws of the chuck. First, you need to spray the rusty jaws with a water-displacing spray. It will take out some of the rust and will work as a prevention from future rust.

Secondly, use a sharp wooden stick or a mallet to put pressure on the closed jaws. Some gentle strokes with the mallet should be enough to open the jaws of the drill chuck.

  1. The Grip Is Slippery:

Some drill machines’ grips are too close to the chuck. So close that pressing the grips hard makes them touch the base of the chuck. Eventually, the chuck stops to turn and open. As a result, your drill machine becomes non-functional.

  • Solution – A Strap Wrench:

In this situation, you can use a strap wrench to keep the drill machine operable. First of all, run the drill machine in the reverse manner. While it is running in the opposite direction, attach the strap wrench with the chuck of the drill.

Now slowly put pressure on the trigger of the grill machine. The combination of the pressure of the drill and the strap wrench will create a distance from the grip to the chuck. Eventually, the chuck will be open enough to make the drill work.

  1. Drill Bit Is Inserted Wrongfully:

If your drill is not working, there is a chance that the drill bit was not inserted properly. When the teeth of the drill machine are not aligned with the drill bit it will not work properly. Even a slight angle between the teeth and the bit can stop the function of the drill machine.

  • Solution – Re-Attach The Drill Bit:

First, you have to remove the drill bit and close the drill chuck completely. Now, you need to put the drill bit at the mouth of the drill chuck. Now slowly open the drill chuck while keeping gentle pressure on the drill bit. 

Stop when you can see that the drill bit is slid into a firm position inside the chuck.

  1. Drill Bit Is Bent:

Sometimes you may find that your drill is functioning but you cannot make a straight hole with it. The problem is the bits of your drill machine are bent. 

The reason behind the drill bits to bend is in its way of operation. When a drill machine functions, a lot of heat is created inside it. This excessive heat makes the drill bits warp in the drill chuck.

Again, while drilling a wall or a hard surface, you put pressure on the machine. Slowly and gradually the pressure makes the drill bits bent.

  • Solution – Change The Drill Bits:

The solution for a bent drill bit is to replace them with new ones. But before that, you have to be sure that the bits are bent.

Sometimes you can tell by looking at the drill bits whether they are bent or not. But slightly bent bits are not noticeable with eyes only. 

The best way to tell if your drill bits are bent or not is to try to make some straight drills with the bits and check if the holes are straight or not.

  1. The Battery Is Down:

Sometimes we try to find out the toughest problems when the problem is very primitive and simple. The battery of your cordless drill machine might be too low to make the machine start.

  • Solution – Maintain The Battery Pack:

The battery packs of a cordless drill machine may lose efficiency if they are not maintained well.

Keeping the battery packs without any charge for days can make the battery pack dead. On the other hand, if the battery pack is charged unnecessarily for a long time, it will also lose efficiency. 

So, it is important to maintain a charging schedule for the drill machine, even when you are not using them for a long time. You should replace the battery pack with a new one if the battery pack has already lost its capacity.

  1. Using The Wrong Drill Bit:

Drill machines come with different sets of drill bits. Every set of drill bits is made to be used on a certain type of surface. If you try to use a drill bit on a surface much harder than its structure, it will break down.

For example, if you drill a cement-made surface with a wood drill bit, it will only destroy the drill machine.

  • Solution – Use The Correct Drill Bit:

The solution is in your awareness. You must make sure that the drill bit you are using is designed to be used on your intended surface. Go through the user manual before every drill to be sure of it. If you want to make sure that you are not drilling into a stud, you can read this article of mine.

  1. Incompatible Torque Settings:

Another silly reason for a non-functioning drill machine can be improper torque settings. To preserve the battery and prevent unnecessary harm to the surface drill machines come with different settings of torque.

A harder surface needs more torque whereas, comparatively softer surfaces need low torque to drill in. An incompatible usage of torque can make the drill machine inoperable.

  • Solution – Use The Correct Torque Settings:

Adjusting the torque settings is a simple procedure. But the knowledge about which settings to use for which surface can be hard to earn.

The best way to learn about the torque settings is by reading the manufacturer’s guidebook. You may also consult with someone whom you know to be very experienced with drill machines.

Commonly Asked Questions About Non-Functional Drills:

Can You Fix A Drill Machine On Your Own?

In many situations, you can fix a drill machine all by yourself. You can open a closed drill chuck. You can tighten a loosened drill chuck screw. You can change a bent drill bit and there are many more problems that can be solved by the user himself. Knowing the basic repair job of a drill machine will make you more confident in using them.

But certain things should be left for the professionals. You should not try to replace the gears, bearing, or motor parts of a drill machine all by yourself. 

Why Is My Drill Not Spinning?

There can be more than one reason for your drill bits not spinning. The most common reason for the problem is that the drill bits are not properly aligned in the chuck.

If there is an angle between the drill bit and the teeth inside the chuck the drill will not spin. 

Another common reason for the drill to not spin is a dead battery pack.

Why Can’t My Machine Drill Straight?

Your drill machine will not be able to drill straight if the drill bit is not positioned into the center of the drill chuck.

You should close your drill chuck entirely and reattach your drill bits with it. If your drill machine still cannot drill directly check whether your drill bits have become bent by overuse.

How Do You Unlock A Drill Bit?

To unlock a drill bit you have to detach it from the drill machine. For that, you have to turn the key to the drill machine anti-clockwise. Most of the drill machines come with a key to be used in the holes of the chuck.

After turning the key in the chuckhole 5 to 6 times will loosen the bit from the drill machine.

Why Has My Drill Machine Stopped Working?

There can be more than one reason for your drill machine to stop from working. One of the most common reasons is that your drill machine might be jammed with dirt and moisture. You have to clean it with a water-displacing spray.

Your drill machine may stop working if the drill bits are bent or not positioned properly in the drill chuck. You need to re-attach your drill bits and check if they need to be replaced with new ones.

Another common reason for drills to stop working is a dead battery pack. Check whether your battery pack is still functional or not.

Why Do Drill Machines Burn Out?

Drill machines can be burnt with overuse. A lot of heat is produced inside a drill machine, while it is being used. If the user ignores this fact and continues to use it without any break, the drill can burn out.

The power unit inside a drill machine is called an armature. When the drill is overheated, its armature breaks down and a fire is caused inside of the machine.

Final Words:

At the end of the day, a drill machine is just another tool, which needs proper care and attention. You can avoid most of the disasters of your drill machine, if you clean them properly after every use.

You should also check the alignment of the drill bits and the teeth of the chuck before starting to use the drill.

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