How To Build A Hot Saw Chainsaw? [A Conventional Way]

A hot saw chainsaw is specially made to cut metal accurately and quickly. General chainsaws are great for cutting trees, but whenever their strength and efficiency are enhanced, they are hot saw chainsaws. So, naturally, you may have trouble making a hot saw. Well, you’re going to have a solution to build a hot saw chainsaw.

The hot saw chainsaw differs from the ordinary chainsaw in terms of quality and features. To build a hot saw chainsaw, you need more effort than to build a simple chainsaw. But, it can be done easily if the right method is applied.

The purpose of this article is to present the correct and effective method of making a hot saw chainsaw. It will also discuss the answers to as many questions as you may have in this regard. You should know these steps to gain skills in making a hot saw chainsaw.

9 Steps To Build A Hot Saw Chainsaw: Best Ever Method

Below is a step-by-step guide to making a hot saw chainsaw. Hopefully, these steps will help you overcome the fear of creating this chainsaw.

Step-1: Gather Necessary Equipment

To build this especially powerful chainsaw, you need to put together some necessary equipment that will help you to pass each step successfully. The equipment is as follows:

  • Engine (two-stroke);
  • Blade;
  • Chain;
  • 60 to 80 HP single cylinder;
  • Welding tool;
  • Hand gloves, apron, hard protective helmet.

Step-2: Setup The Engine

The second important step in making a hot saw chainsaw is to set the engine. In this case, you should replace the previous engine with a two-stroke engine. High-powered two-stroke engines are commonly found on a variety of motorbikes.

If you already have a chainsaw, you must continue working with its structure. After setting up a powerful engine with a 60 to 80 HP single cylinder, go for the next step.

Step-3: Attach The Blade And Chain

The blade and chain of a hot saw chainsaw are relatively bigger than other chainsaws as it generates a lot of power. So you have to choose a 42-45 inch blade and the chain accordingly. Attach the blades and chains to the machine and make sure they are fitted properly.

The hot saw chainsaw usually accomplishes large cutting tasks in less time and this is possible due to its larger parts. In addition, this chainsaw race deals with different chainsaw races.

Step-4: Install The Handlebars

Handlebars are an important part of any chainsaw. Generally, the hot saw chainsaw handlebars weigh about 30 kg, so you have to be more careful when installing them. It is always advisable to install metal handles on it as plastics cannot hold so much strength.

Although the handlebars are not large, they need to be tight so that you can hold them and perform the work smoothly. A two-stroke engine cuts with a lot of power, so install metal handlebars.

Step-5: Add Fuel To The Cylinder

Now fill the cylinder with fuel. Do not overload the fuel as you will have difficulty carrying the weight of the chainsaw. Add the rated amount of fuel, it will allow you to work for a certain period. Moreover, it needs to add a little amount of fuel, as you’re starting the machine for the test.

A hot saw works very fast, so more fuel is required. Since you are using a 60 to 80 HP single cylinder, you do not need to refuel in a hurry. That should be sufficient enough to get the job done.

Step-6: Wear Safety Equipment

Wear hand gloves, safety goggles, helmets, and footwear for your safety as you have to check the chainsaw by starting and working with it. Since it is a relatively heavy tool and produces a lot of power to operate, you can be injured if you do not handle it after turning it on. In this case, safety equipment can be helpful for you.

Hand gloves will protect you from minor injuries. Be sure to wear eyeglasses as tiny flying dirt can enter your eyes. In addition, the head and ears are covered with a helmet, so they cannot enter and hurt your body.

Step-7: Take The Control

Take control of your device now. Pick a hard and large piece of wood on which you are going to run the test. To hold the chainsaw in the correct position, hold the upper handle tightly with the left hand. Now give support in the back. Holding on with both hands means you are in complete control of the hot chainsaw.

It also has to be hung slightly higher for cutting, so make sure that you can carry the weight of this chainsaw. First of all, decide which place you want to cut, and mark it if necessary.

Step-8: Examine Your Chainsaw

Now it’s time to start your hot saw chainsaw. You surely know how to start a simple chainsaw. Start a hot chainsaw in the same way, but you have to take more control as it is quite heavy and powerful. Start cutting at the specified place after starting. 

If it completes the cut in a very short time without any hassle then you can understand that it has been made properly. If there is any defect, your chainsaw will not start. In this case, check the whole installment again, maybe you will notice the problem. Fix it and restart.

Step-9: Get Experts’ Help

It is good that you have built a hot saw chainsaw yourself. But it may not be perfect if you are building it for the first time. As a result, you will encounter problems that cannot be solved. Maybe the reason the chainsaw didn’t start is incomprehensible.

In this case, take the help of an expert who can reveal the cause of the problem of the hot saw chainsaw and know the solution. You can also get any more necessary information from him.

9 Helpful Tips To Build A Hot Saw Chainsaw: Make The Process Easier

Here are some additional tips to build a hot saw chainsaw that will allow you to do it more efficiently:

Tip-1: The blade of the hot saw should be sharpest so that no debris gets stuck while cutting hardwood.

Tip-2: This particular chainsaw is usually designed for cutting metal, so it is not suitable for jungle work although it is used for the chainsaw race.

Tip-3: A hot chainsaw is heated to generate lots of energy. Do not refill your cylinder in hot weather if you run out of fuel.

Tip-4: Take the time to build it because a hot chainsaw works actively for many years. Do not rush, it will leave errors on your device.

Tip-5: It is important to know about basic welding to make a hot chainsaw because it requires a metal handle. Knowing the welding allows you to install the handle as per your requirement.

Tip-6: Be sure to take the latest necessary security measures. Wear safety clothing so that you do not get physically injured while testing after making it.

Tip-7: Before starting the chainsaw, check the air filter to see if it can maintain the airflow while running. This is because a broken piece may have been accidentally stuck while making it.

Tip-8: Do not run it at full speed in the beginning because it is being tested. Slowly increase the speed and notice its movement

Tip-9: Lubricate the chain well during construction otherwise, it can be dangerous to use. It can also make some bad noises as the chain is dry.

3 Benefits Of Building A Hot Saw Chainsaw On Your Own:

When you are making a hot saw chainsaw, you should also know about some of its benefits. However, these are mentioned below:

  1. Increases Creativity

Building a hot chainsaw is undoubtedly a complex task that requires a lot of skill. If you have previous experience in making a simple chainsaw, it will be more helpful. Special methods are used to make hot chainsaws, so you can learn new things.

Building a hot saw chainsaw can be extremely helpful in enhancing your creativity. You will also get an idea of ​​how much power the engine needs for any type of chainsaw.

  1. Enhances Self-confidence

Even if you are a chainsaw user, you may not have experience in making it. You can gain that experience by building a hot saw chainsaw. Since this is a very technical job, you will have the confidence to do it later.

Once you make and use a hot saw chainsaw, it will be easier for you to make any low-power chainsaw. Hot saw construction is a great way to experience solid cutting.

  1. No Making Cost

This is one of the biggest advantages of a hot saw chainsaw building. The hot chainsaw naturally requires expensive parts. It can cost around $10000 to make. In addition, if you hire a craftsman, you will have to spend more.

As your skill builds, so does the cost of creating it. If you already have some parts that you don’t need to buy, the cost can be a little lower. Moreover, welding costs are not required for installing handlebars.

Related Questions About Building A Hot Saw Chainsaw:

What Kind Of Engine Is Used To Build A Hot Saw Chainsaw?

A hot saw chainsaw will require a two-stroke engine. This type of engine is usually found in high-quality motorcycles. You can also use the engine of a dirt bike. Since a hot chainsaw rotates at a speed of more than 250 km / h, the motor needs to be very strong.

A two-stroke engine is quite expensive. So you need more budget to buy it. If you have a dirt bike that is unused but faultless, you can use its engine to build a hot chainsaw.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Hot Saw Chainsaw?

Can you guess the cost of making a hot chainsaw? A hot saw lasts for decades, so you will need a big budget to make it. Each part of the hot saw chainsaw is of high quality and will cost you around $10000 – $15000.

Hot saw chainsaws are usually used professionally, so not many people make them personally. However, those who want to take part in the race personally plan to build and use it.

How Many Years Does A Hot Saw Chainsaw Last After Building?

Using a hot saw chainsaw can take you decades. This is because of the high-quality equipment used in it and its proper maintenance. There are some rules and precautions for using a hot saw chainsaw that can extend its life.

If you build the chainsaw personally, it will last longer. However, it is especially used by professional people to cut heavy and hard things. Avoid using rough and take care in time, it will serve for a long time.

What Is A Hot Saw Chainsaw Originally Built For Cutting?

You must have seen some saws that cut metals very easily. These are the tricks of a hot saw chainsaw. This saw is mainly used for cutting various metal sheets in the factory. It is not suitable for pruning or pruning ordinary trees.

A hot chainsaw weighs 27 kg -30 kg. So you don’t want to use a chainsaw of that weight for small cuts. Moreover, the cost of making it is so high that not everyone can afford it.

Is It Ready To Work Right After Building A Hot Saw Chainsaw?

After making a hot chainsaw, you are not ready for the final work. It should not even be applied to the final work before the test. There may be several people in your area for professional work. Also if you want to take part in races you need to make sure your instrument is safe.

Check it out a few times if necessary. If you do not know about the problems or errors in the first stage, you can call an expert to check it. If all goes well, now it is ready for the final work.

Final Words

A hot chainsaw is customized to provide up to 60 horsepower. You have to find an effective and easy way to make this amazing chainsaw. This article specifically states how to build a hot saw chainsaw. Hopefully, these steps will be helpful to you.

Moreover, it is not enough just to tell the steps; besides, you also need to have an idea about other related topics. Apart from this, the questions that may come to your mind are also mentioned here. So, start making it now, good luck.

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