How To Change A Disc On A Makita Angle Grinder? [Quick Guide]

Do you know how to change a disc on a Makita Angle Grinder? If you face a severe problem in changing a disc, this guide is for you. Amongst the most problematic aspects of sanding is determining the replacement of the disc even without equipment.

You will discover problems in numerous circumstances when you want to change the disc. When your disc is locked, you don’t have a device to free it. Perhaps your screw isn’t the right size, or you accidentally damaged your tool- the fact is you’re in danger.

Don’t be too disheartened since you have been in this scenario several times before. There are numerous dependable remedies some of which are presented below:

3 Steps To Change A Disc On A Makita Angle Grinder

Makita is a well-known maker of portable grinders. Replacing the discs on the cutter is a simple operation. The grinder includes an essential screw tool for loosening or keeping the grinding discs in position. To keep the shaft from rotating while extracting the discs, an axis locking button is placed in the upper part of the grinder.

Step 1: Depress The Propeller Power

Flip the grinder upturned while disconnecting to see the sharp object and the lock device. On the front of the cutter, push the axis power button. This push button will be pointing down to the floor because the cutter is carried backward.

Step 2:  Take Out The Locked Nut

Spin the platter till the axis is just no longer rotating. Insert the locking nut screw into the lead screw that keeps the disk in position. To release the lock screw, spin the lock nut tool to neutralize. Disconnect the grinder’s locking screw, old disc, and internal pad.

Step 3: Using A Tool To Tap

When replacing the disc, apply WD-40 lubricant to the spinning axis. Wait at least 15 minutes. Then, with a brass tool, carefully strike the entire hollow area with the edge of a small chisel. The screw will eventually be dislodged due to light pressing, and it will be easy to undo it completely.

Step 4: Attach The Disc

Place the inside groove to the new disc’s bottom. Insert the internal plate and disc into the axis of the grinder. Tighten the locking screw on the spindle of the grinder by hand. Turn the shaft till it snaps into position by pressing the propeller lock button. Screw the locked screw onto the grinding spindle and disc using your lock screw tool. Rotate the locking screw tool clockwise to attach the disk.

7 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Changing A Disc On A Makita Angle

A Makita angle grinder is a powerful piece of equipment. They usually rotate away from your torso, face, and hands. You operate an angle grinder steel disc or cut disc inappropriately. Each of them would easily cause serious injury to you or people near you. Huge mistakes can occur to you unconsciously.

1.Incorrect Wheel Length Leads To Problem

All Makita angle grinders do have their disc diameter recommendations. Such rules are in place for something like a purpose. Consider Pipeline Cutting and Grinding Disc mounted on a grinder designed to use a grit wheel Grinding Disc.

So, if the disk fits in your cutter, it doesn’t imply its adjusted position appropriately for safe use.  A disc might be unbalanced, spin, and backfire at the handler. It is indeed vital to keep in mind that the length of any cordless system component might affect the Rotation speed.

2.RPMs Towards The Limit On Your Disc

The Angular velocity on your angle grinder is yet another crucial parameter. The abrasive surface container must specify the highest suggested RPM for each grinder disc, metal disc, and other gritty. Don’t use an aggressive tool with a lesser recommended RPM beyond what your angle grinder can handle.

The rough discs are only developed to function at the rates specified. If you utilize the discs faster, you ruin them because you’re applying more significant push than the disc can properly bear.

3.Safety Guards Are Put Meant To Be Used

Makita Angle grinder shields are aimed to safeguard your face and arms from the brake disk. For this reason, most angle grinders have a blown cover.

Their design features a keyway that prevents the shield from releasing instantly if the wheel breaks. You should never deal with those security issues unless you are connected. Many crushers have a barrier that may be moved to prevent grinding from being done at inconvenient positions.

4.Mess With The Equipment

Certain Makita angle grinder users might desire to alter their instrument, but this is something we do not recommend. If you want to make any changes to your Makita angle grinder, you should first contact the makers. 

They can readily explain why some changes are OK, but others are incredibly harmful. Always utilize Makita angle grinder attachments that are deliberately made for it. 

You’re putting yourself and the equipment up for disappointment when you begin constructing anything to operate. You should not only take the risk of damaging your blade, but you also possibly injure yourself and the people surrounding you.

5.Not Examine The Polishing Pads

Unfortunate falls are bound to occur. It’s possible that you didn’t do it, but it’s also possible that whoever did. You can see whether the attachment has been damaged or if it is no safer to use. Constantly examine the disc first, even if dealing with a worn disc or a completely new abrasion.

Cut wheels might be damaged while delivery or damaged by mistake while being stored. Before using the wheel, check it for chipped, fractures, or other deterioration to ensure that it performs at its optimum.

6.Reheat And Examine The Spinner

Even if you’re taking it up for the first time, returning after a pause, or receiving it from another employee. Let the Makita angle grinder operate for at least a minute with both the attachments connected.

Usually, it allows the operator to heat up and reach full throttle. It allows you the opportunity to touch, smell, or see whether the grinder is in good operating order.

7.  Do Not Control With Two Hands

One of the essential protective considerations is maintaining full control of the equipment. It is critical to constantly keep both fingers on the instrument in the proper places. Including both hands on the grinder, you have significantly greater flexibility and power.

Always keep one hand on the front handle and the other on the rear of the blade. Furthermore, always transport the Makita angle grinder with your thumb on the start button.

5 Tips To Remove Discs From A Makita Angle Grinder Safely

Do not allow familiarity or expertise with the item (as a result of regular usage) to fill the role of strict attention to grinding safety regulations. You might sustain significant bodily damage if you use this product improperly or in an irresponsible way. Let’s see the tips to remove Discs safely.

1.  Disc Placement And Removals

When utilizing a depressed Axis disc, wiring disc brush, trimmed wheel, or the roller guard must be mounted to the equipment in such a manner that the open face of the shield is always facing the user. Loosen the wheel guard lever. Attach the wheel cover with the wheel shield ring projection.

Next, turn the disc cover. About 180 degrees to secure the disc, pull the grip protection. If the slider is too broad or narrow, the wheel protection removes or loosens the bolt. It releases to change the disc perimeter band’s tightness.

2.  In Time Of Detaching Disc

When using equipment with a depressed core grinding wheel/Multi-disc, constantly utilize the included cover. The disc can disintegrate while in use, and the protection prevents the possibility of bodily damage.

Install the internal ring on the shaft. Place the wheel/disc on the inner flange and secure the shaft with the lead screw. To secure the lock screw, squeeze the spindle locking firmly so that the spinning may turn.

3. While Replacing The Rough Disc

It should never be essential to implementing pressure on the device. The mass of the instrument exerts sufficient force. Pressing and applying overpressure might result in severe disc damage. If the tool is misplaced when polishing, immediately change the disc.

Do not smack a cutting disc into the job. Resist jumping and catching the axle, particularly while moving around bends, cutouts, and other obstacles. This can lead to a lack of stability. Never use equipment with wood rotary or other saw blades.

4.Cleansing With A Metal Disc

Examine the functioning of the disc by operating it without a payload. Make sure nobody is ahead. Use a disc that is not broken or out of proportion. The use of a disc may increase the risk of interaction with a damaged disc. Use a shield disc.

Trying to make sure the diameter of the disc fits within the shield. Disconnect the instrument and turn it upturned to get accessibility to the disc.  Disconnect any disc attachments. Adjust the nuts after threading the disc onto the spinning.

6.Using A Rough Cut-Off Disc

To utilize an aggressive cut-off disc, use the roller shield designed for use. Do not use a cut-off disc for edge cutting. Don’t ever adjust the angle of the disc during the cut. The lateral strain on the trimmed disc will force the disc to break. They are resulting in catastrophic physical damage.

Beginning any examination or service, be certain that the instrument is turned off. The device and its ventilators must be maintained fresh. Cleanse the machine’s valves on a regular schedule.

Related Questions:

Can You Change A Disc On A Makita Angle Grinder?

Remove the nut and clamp the disc in the grasp. Using a third-angle grinder, remove the nut. According to the instructions, follow how to replace the disc on the cutter.

Remove the battery wire from the plug socket. Toggle the spinning movement locking button. Unclip the hub nut with an accessible wrench and Press the angle grinder button. Take the old disc out of the spinning axis. Replace the disc. Repair it by manually using a screw.

Now use your second hand to grip the plug. Do not over-tighten the screw. Attach the cutter to the spinning spindle at an entire interval of 30 seconds. You can move ahead if the disc spins smoothly.

How Do You Change The Grinding Disc On A Makita Grinder Without A Tool?

It is possible by replacing the angle grinder disc with a gasoline tool. Using an appropriate crescent wrench, slowly release the screw without excessive effort. The drawback is that the locking screw can be crushed. Build an angle grinder key from scratch. A long nail is required, at least 100 mm. 

When replacing the disc, apply WD-40 fluid to the spinning axis for at least 15 minutes. With a metal hammer, carefully hit the whole area of the hollow with the point of a tiny chisel at an inclination to the shaft of the hub screw.

How Do You Change The Blade On Your Makita Angle Grinder?

The most straightforward method is to use the manufacturer settings that came with your grinder. You might extract the disc manually if you don’t locate the settings.

Whenever your angle grinder is wired, ensure it is unplugged from the plug socket before doing so. Remove the power from wireless equipment. Whenever you replace the disc on your equipment, it becomes lightweight and easier to manipulate.

Your acquired angle grinder consists of two separate blades like flattened bolts. One appears like a conventional spanner, and the other is like a pitchfork with two lobes. With these different blades, it is so easy to change the blade.

How Do You Change The Wheels On A Makita Grinder?

It’s pretty essential to change the wheels on a Makita Grinder. But people find the easiest way to do so. Let’s check if this changing way is for you.

Simply turn till it is locked in position while pulling down the disc power button. Hold the axle with your hands on it and spin it clockwise till you sense the groove loosens. Disconnect the gasket manually. Replace the disc and repeat the operation.

How Do You Unlock A Makita Grinder?

You must first unlock Sophisticated Manufacturing Structures before you use this tool. You’ll need to open a Makita grinder, which may be discovered after the Haze Experiment. 

You can use a few particular components to produce the Processor when obtained. You will be allowed to prosecute the Grinder after finishing this quest. In this way, you can unlock a Makita grinder smoothly.


The approaches you want are about how to change a disc on a Makita angle grinder provided for you. If you still can’t get the disc off, delegate the task to everyone with a bit greater raw strength. Occasionally, you need little extra reinforcement, so give it a shot.

Alternatively, what you should do whenever you need to extract the angle grinder disk without an instrument. It’s a difficult predicament to be in, although it may be resolved in a particular time frame with perseverance.

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