How To Clean Old Gas Out Of Chainsaw? 

How To Clean Old Gas Out Of Chainsaw

First, wipe the top of the gas tank, especially the gas tank lid, with a clean rag to prevent dust. This dust will cause problems in the carburetor if it gets into the gas tank. To Clean Old Gas Out Of Chainsaw, go to an open space so that there is no problem cleaning the gas tank.

Open the lid of your chainsaw’s gas tank. Then insert the straight part of the siphon into the chainsaw gas tank. Drain the siphon into a can to collect old gas. Now compress and expand the bulb on the siphon. Continue until all the gas is removed from the chainsaw.

Hold the fuel line for a while because you need to be sure if there is any old gas in the line. If there is any amount of gas in the line as a result of holding it in this way, they will come out.

5 Simple Step Of Cleaning Old Gas From Chainsaws:

If the gas in your chainsaw lasts for 3 months or more, it must be old gas. Old gas can’t run the chainsaw, it can damage your chainsaw. So the gas tank should be cleaned occasionally. This task is much easier.

After cleaning the gas tank of the chainsaw, the gas in the fuel line and carburetor should be removed. Describe below how to clean old gas from chainsaws.

Step-1: Things You Will Need To Clean Old Gas

The following things will be required:

  •  Small hand siphon
  •  Plastic gas can
  •  Assorted wrenches and/or screwdrivers
  • A small pack of BBs
  •  Commercial gas-tank cleaner
  •  Clean rag

Step-2: Dust Cleaning:

A lot of dust accumulates on the top of the gas tank so one has to wipe the gas tank with a clean rag. In addition, the lid of the tank and the upper part of the gas tank should be well cleaned. If this dust gets inside the gas tank, it can cause various problems like the carburetor not working.

Step-3: Open The Gas Lid:

Go to an open environment and open the gas lid. Disconnect the gas line beforehand. Plastic guards and small clamps should be removed to disconnect the gas line. For this, you need to use a wrench and screwdriver.

Step-4: Collect Old Gas:

Insert the straight part of the small hand siphon inside the chainsaw gas tank. Place the straight part of the hand siphon inside another tank or gas can so that the collected old gas can be stored here. Squeeze and expand the bulb of the small hand siphon so that the old gasses are sucked out of the gas tank.

Continue this process until all the gas is gone. If you do not have a small hand siphon, you can use a hand pump instead.

Step-5: Adding Cleaner/Solvent:

After removing the old gas from the tank, pour a small pack of BBs inside the tank, along with a small amount of cleaner/solvent. Before that, make sure that this cleaner is suitable for use in your gas tank. After adding the cleaner, close the lid. Then shake the chainsaw hard so that all the residue inside it rises. Then pour out this waste and make sure there is nothing left inside.

Add new gas to use the chainsaw immediately. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that if you keep chainsaws in storage for another season, don’t put gas in the tank.

How To Understand It Is Old Gas:

“The gas starts to get worse in just three months because the volatile components of gas evaporate over time,” said John Ibbotson, chief manager of Consumer Report at the Auto Test Center. The chainsaw oxidizes the gas for various reasons and loses its volatility. This can lead to problems in the chainsaw.

 So you need to check if the gas in the gas tank is good. You can look at the following to see if the gas is good.

  • Check the smell of this gas, if the gas goes bad it will lose its original smell.
  • Its color will fade because different objects have changed color by mixing in it.
  • There may be water in it so check if there is water.
  • The engine cannot be started by bad gas, so, be careful.
  • Check if there is white smoke coming out of the exhaust. If extra white smoke comes out, it must be understood that it is old gas.

Using old gas on your chainsaw will reduce power and can cause engine stagnation.

Common Problems In Chainsaws Caused By Old Gas:

The biggest reason your chainsaws run rough is because of old gas. The material or equipment that provides power to chainsaws tends to deteriorate over time. Bad gas causes the engine to start. Below I will highlight what more damage can be caused by Old Gas.

  •  After a while, the gas used in your chainsaw changes and they emit gluten, which damages the fuel system. This glue prevents the gas from entering the combustion chamber. As a result, the combustion chamber does not get enough gas and the engine shuts down.
  • The gas used in chainsaws contains carbon and hydrogen atoms, which react to form energy. This gas tends to be lighter than diesel or conventional fuels. This gas degrades when it comes in contact with heat, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and other variables.
  •  The longer your chainsaw lasts, the more ethanol dissolves from the fuel in its carburetor, and a kind of white thing stays under the carburetor.
  •  The moisture of ethanol causes damage to the fuel line, which is due to the gas remaining for a long time. In most cases, it occurs more in 2 cycle chainsaws. It can also be caused by excessive exposure to high ethanol gas.
  •  It is often seen that the gas is not burning, this may be due to the gas not reaching the carburetor, and your chainsaw will not work if the gas does not reach the carburetor. Again, it may be that the gas is burning but not enough, so your chainsaw will emit a lot of smoke. This can lead to a foul odor, which may be due to the accumulation of water in the fuel chamber or the filling of an unsuitable fuel tank.

If you use very old gas it can damage your internal engine. Old Gas creates gum and which can blog the engine. Old gas loses its combustible properties so that your engine does not start later.

Preventive Measures To Solve Old Gas Problem In Chainsaw:

Since the gas is powered by this chainsaw gas, you will not be given any discount on the quality of the gas. You have to suffer a lot because of bad gas. I have mentioned some management below, hopefully you will benefit.

  • Ethanol-Free Gas: 

Ethanol-free gas is not available as fuel. So you should collect it even if it is a little difficult. Ethanol-free gas is much better for your 2-cycle chainsaw than any other gas. It plays a vital role in maintaining a good internal engine. Ethanol-free gas is better than others.

  • Gas Cans Should Be Stored Well:

Keep gas inside the container tightly because gas is volatile. This gas should be kept at normal room temperature. Keep away from sun heat or any heat. Accidents can happen at any time if not kept safe. So keep the gas container stored at least 50 feet away from any high temperature.

  • Different Gas Cans For Fuel:

You can have different types of machines, different cans should be used so that the fuel of one machine does not mix with the other. When you use different cans which will also have different colors, it will not be a mistake to decide in advance which fuel will be used in which machine from which color.

  • Drainage Of Gas Tanks:

You don’t always need a chainsaw, so it’s best to keep the gas tank empty when you feel like leaving the chainsaw for a few days. The gas tank is good. It has to be ascertained whether the gas tank is fully drained or not. For this, it is better to keep Stihl MotoMix in an alcohol-free gas fuel system.

Maintenance Tips Of Chainsaws: Use Them For A Longer Period

You know how important your chainsaw is to you. There is almost no alternative to a chainsaw to do a lot of big work in an instant. It performs its work with utmost efficiency and reliability. But if there is an error in the middle, there can be a lot of danger. So you need to know better about its maintenance so that you can avoid big danger.

  • Chain Cleaning:

Take one gallon of water in a bucket to clean the chain. Add one cup of ammonia and keep stirring well. You can wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Then dip the chain in this water and ammonia mixture and keep it for about 15 minutes. When wet, rub the chain with a toothbrush or any other brush to remove any debris on the chain.

Once cleaned, dry the chain well. Once the chain is dry, dip the cleaned chain inside a container with chain oil. In this way, the chain should be kept for about 3 hours. Then remove the chain from the oil and wipe with a tissue or towel so that no oil remains.

  • Powerhead Cleaning:

It is better to keep the chain open while cleaning the powerhead. If the powerhead is not too dirty you can clean it with a rag, water, and soap. You can use a paintbrush to clean the accumulated dirt or dust from clutch drums, crankcases, and bare studs. If there is too much dirt, you can use a degreaser solvent or an ammonia solution.

  • Clean The Air Filter:

It will be better if you clean the air filter of your chainsaw after every 10 hours of work. It depends on the type of work. If you use it normally for housework then cleaning twice a year is enough. It is only when you see the filter that you know when to clean it.

The top cover of the chainsaw needs to be removed to clean the air filter. Then take out the air filter then sweep with a rag in such a way that all debris/dirt is cleaned. You can use a brush to clean the dust. If the air filter is too dirty, you can immerse it in water. Clean and dry the wet filter then attach it.

  • Clean The Spark Plug:

 Remove the top cover to clean the spark plug. Open the spark plug with the T-wrench that comes with your chainsaw. You can use a brush to clean it, or you can use a spray-on plug cleaner because it is specially made so that there is no damage to the spark plug. You can use a sturdy knife to lift any hard object. But never use a shot blaster.

  • Cleaning Cooling Fins:

Cooling fins are used to keep the chainsaw cool during work. It collects air outside and supplies it by cooling it with fins. Prolonged use accumulates dust on it so they need to be cleaned. Open the lid of the cooling fins with a screwdriver, scrape them lightly so that their fins do not bend. You use a soft brush here which can be 1 “to 2” wide. 

  • Avoid Using Old Gas:

The gas usually starts to break down after one month. So it is better not to use the same gas for more than a month. Using old gas can cause a lot of damage to the chainsaw. Those who use chainsaws regularly do not face this problem, because with regular use the gas does not last more than a month. But the problem is, when left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

If you want to use the same gas for a long time then you need to use a fuel additive. This will protect the gas from breaking down. This fuel addition will protect your chainsaw carburetor from destruction. If you use it, you will be able to use this gas after more than a month.

Related Question About Old gas cleaning in chainsaw:

Can You Mix Old Gas With New?

No matter how well you store the gas, it starts to lose its combustion after one month. Many again think that fuel additives can be added to save. They say that new and old gas can be used mixed. They say that old gas can be used by mixing 10% + new gas 90%. One thing is for sure, the chainsaw will not get the maximum power from the new gas as the chainsaw will get from the old gas.

What Color Is Old Gas?

The color of the gas is usually clear, white, or slightly amber. The gas stays in the tank for a long time and evaporates over time. Then its color becomes dark brown or black. So sometimes you should check the color of the gas. If you notice that the color of the gas has become dark brown, then it must be understood that it has become oxidized.

How Long Can A Chainsaw Gas Leave?

It all depends on your job, how long you have been using the chainsaw. Usually, you can run 15 to 20 minutes with the amount of gas in the chainsaw. After this time the gas is almost exhausted, so the gas tank has to be refilled again. If your chainsaw is battery-powered, it can last up to 2 hours. However, there are more power chainsaws in the market.

What Can You Do With Old Gas?

You can mix it with new gas and reuse it, but it depends on how old the gas is. You can give these old gasses to a waste management company or to a recycling company so that they can use their technology to make them reusable. If you do not have any of these, you must dispose of them in a safe place and take care not to harm the environment.


The chainsaw helps a lot in your daily work, so you have to take care of it. In this article, you will find out how to clean the old gas of your chainsaw, and how to maintain the chainsaw. In general, we have discussed how to keep your chainsaw good and you can use it for a long time.

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