How To Clean Sap Off Chainsaw? [Know With The Importance]

After working with your chainsaw, it naturally becomes dirty due to various things. The chainsaw you are using to cut the tree needs to be cleaned. You can never expect the chainsaw to be free from sap even after finishing work. So, you need to know how to clean sap off the chainsaw.

If the chainsaw is dirty, it will interfere with running. Prolonged sap accumulation can shorten the life of your chainsaw. In addition, the sap of the tree is usually sticky and it takes a long time to clean. There are many practical ways, but a proper and simple technique will help you to do it perfectly.

You may be facing many questions about removing sap from a chainsaw if you have experienced it for the first time. However, this article will present you with some useful information along with a step-by-step guide on how to clean sap from chainsaws. 

7 Easiest Steps To Clean Sap Off Chainsaw Effortlessly:

Below is an easy way to clean sap from the chainsaw step by step which will help you to get rid of sap in your chainsaw perfectly.

Step-1: Gather The Necessary Equipment

The steps you need to follow to remove the sap from the chainsaw require some equipment to make your job easier. Before starting work, you need to keep the following equipment in the collection:

  • Ammonia / Baking soda,
  • Water,
  • A soft brush,
  • WD40 oil,
  • A bucket.

Step-2: Prepare Your Chainsaw

The first step in cleaning the chain is to make sure that it is power free. Otherwise, there could be a big danger. Since there are different types of chainsaws, you better understand what you are using. If it is a gas chain, empty the fuel tank. Moreover, it is important to disconnect the spark plug.

In case of a battery chainsaw, be sure to disconnect the battery and keep it in a safe place. If your chainsaw is an electric corded chainsaw, the power cord must be separated. Disable all the options that can start a chainsaw for a while and finish the job safely.

Step-3: Disassemble The Chain

The chain must be separated from the blade to clean it perfectly. When separating it, wear hand gloves so that the blade does not get hurt. However, if you want to ensure a good cleaning, you can also separate the blades.

The advantage of this is that you will be able to observe very well and find out if the sap has reached the orbit of the blade. It doesn’t matter if the blade is separated from the main machine. You can easily do this by following the guidelines manual given with the chainsaw.

Step-4: Use The Right Amount Of Ammonia

Now it’s time to use ammonia in the chainsaw. You need to mix equal amounts of water and ammonia. The size can be 1 cup of water and 1 cup of ammonia. Mix it in a small bucket and soak the chain & bar in it. Make sure the mixture sticks to the entire area of ​​the chain and bar.

The reason for recommending the use of ammonia in chainsaws is that it helps to remove the sap on top of the chainsaw without losing its color. Once soaked, wait 15 minutes for the mixture to work properly.

Step-5: Remove The Sap With A Brush

10 – 15 minutes is enough time for your mixture to work well. Now remove the chain and bar from the mixture, and continue to clean with a soft brush. At this time notice that the sap is going away and your saw is getting back to its previous form.

You can also use baking soda and hot water as an alternative to ammonia. You do not have to wait to use it. Just wash your equipment with the mixture, it will eliminate the sap.

Step-6: Use Oil On The Chainsaw

You may want to wash it after cleaning the sap with a brush. But it also has the potential to rust your valuable equipment. If it is not completely dried after washing, the water stuck in it will cause rust. The solution is to use some WD40 oil that prevents rust. After applying the oil, wipe the chainsaw properly with a clean dry cloth, and it is now completely shiny.

Instead of washing, spray some oil on the chain and bar. This is a better solution than washing the saw. However, if you accidentally wash it, make sure it dries properly. If necessary, take more time for this.

Step-7: Reassemble The Chain And Bar

You’ve reached the final stage of chainsaw sap cleaning! You have an important role to play here, though. Attach the chain and bar to the machine just like in the previous position, otherwise, the parts will fall off as soon as it starts.

Wiping the chain saw with a dry cloth means you have passed the most urgent steps. Once the chains and bars have been properly set up, start it if necessary to ensure that your saw is ready to be cut.

4 Things May Happen If You Avoid Cleaning Sap From A Chainsaw:

You may have a question about what can happen if you do not clean the sap from the chainsaw. Some fatalities happen due to not cleaning the sap, these are as follows:

1.Performance Is Interrupted

Your chainsaw naturally carries some sap after a tree cutting job. In addition, some trees emit extra sap, which can cause sap to enter the interior, including the chainsaw blade. Since the sap is sticky, after a while it becomes harder.

This prevents the blades and chains from running smoothly if they are not cleaned after each operation. At the same time, the entry also prevents the machine from starting many times.

2.Chainsaw Can Get A Permanent Stain

If you neglect to clean the chainsaw regularly or do not clean it properly, it can slowly create a deep stain on your chainsaw. It later becomes impossible to eradicate the stains thoroughly.

It is also harmful if you leave the chainsaw in the open rain for a long time due to negligence or for washing purposes. Because rainwater makes the sap stain longer and deeper.

3.Chainsaw Natural Look Disappears

The sap of some trees is very thick and spreads unexpectedly fast all over the chain. If you keep your valuable instrument in the same condition at the end of the work, it will undoubtedly ruin the natural beauty of your chainsaw.

Although the sap is liquid, when it comes in contact with air, it slowly solidifies and attracts all the small flying dirt around it. As a result of not cleaning, the saw also accumulates some more dirt along with the sap stain which gives your machine a horrible look.

4.Damages The Saw

Neglecting to remove the sap from the chainsaw several times will create a long-lasting scar that is difficult to eradicate. Maybe you will take it seriously after a long time and want to clear it when it can be more harmful. As the days go by, the stain will harden and hard materials may have to be applied to remove it.

Many components allow the sap to be removed from the chainsaw but not all are approved for your metal tool. This means that with the removal of sap, the ingredients used in it can also damage your chainsaw.

7  Useful Tips You Should Know To Clean Sap From A Chainsaw:

Here are some vital tips you need to know when cleaning sap off chainsaw to make your job faster and more efficient:

Tip-1: Do not clean the sap with a little break while you are already cutting down the tree. Set aside time and resources for this.

Tip-2: Before starting the cleaning process make sure that your chainsaw is completely closed and you have disconnected the spark plug. This will prevent the chainsaw from starting unintentionally.

Tip-3: If the chain is wet after work, do not leave it in that position, as it increases the chances of rust. Leave to dry until completely dry or wipe with a dry cloth.

Tip-4: If you are a new user, be sure to check out the chainsaw’s guide manual to get the right directions.

Tip-5: Do not leave the tree sawing chainsaw in heavy rain as it may have a slightly yellowish appearance due to prolonged exposure to rain which may be more difficult to clean.

Tip-6: If the sap is contaminated by rain, let it burn for a while. When brown with foam, gently remove this residue.

Tip-7: Since you have to use some liquid ingredients while cleaning the sap, a mixture of these can cause temporary discomfort to the hands. You can wear gloves to avoid it.

Related Questions About Cleaning Sap Off Chainsaw:

What Can You Use To Clean Sap Off The Chainsaw?

Some approved ingredients are allowed to remove sap from your chainsaw. You can use a mixture of equal amounts of ammonia and water. In addition, a mixture of baking soda and hot water helps remove the sap. Also, the use of WD-40 is recommended for all times.

Remember that there is a difference between removing the sap from other objects and cleaning the chainsaw. The recommendations for them may be revoked in the case of chainsaws.

Does Vinegar Clean Sap From A Chainsaw?

The use of vinegar in cleaning tree sap from a chainsaw is not recommended as it will give good results for the chainsaw. Cutting trees can be done in different places including sap blades. If you clean the painted area with vinegar, it will easily scratch it.

However, vinegar is highly recommended to clean the sap from windows and windshields as the sap gets stuck in them very tightly. Vinegar is capable of removing any hard plant sap.

Can You Use WD 40 To Clean Sap Off Chainsaw?

The WD-40 is considered a powerful sap fighter. Soak your chainsaw for 10 to 15 minutes so that the material can work on it completely. Take a soft brush or you can also take your unused toothbrush.

Adding a few minutes to the soaking chain will loosen the sap. Now continue to remove it using the brush and repeat again and again until the complete sap is gone. Wipe with a paper towel to make sure your chainsaw is shiny.

Can You Use Goo Gone To Clean Sap Off Chainsaw?

Goo Gone is a spray gel that is specially made to remove sap from different things including a chainsaw. Not just tree sap, it also works great for removing any bugs. It can clean sap anywhere without damaging surfaces.

After applying Goo Gone spray on your chainsaw, let it work for a while. After a while, wipe it off with a clean cloth or paper towel, and you will find evidence of Goo Gone’s effectiveness.

How Do You Clean Dried Sap From Your Chainsaw?

Dry sap sounds scarier to you, right? This can naturally make you anxious. WD-40 can be your best helper in this case too. Spray it directly on the sap spot and wait for 5 minutes. If you want, soak it in hot water with a damp cloth on top so that it can penetrate well into the sap.

Once the determined time is over, rub the sap with a cloth. If you feel that WD-40 is not enough then spray again and let it soak for some time. After re-rubbing, if you are sure that the sap is gone, wash the area with soap and warm water.

How Often Should You Clean Your Chainsaw Sap?

It is impossible to specify this because whenever a tree is cut with a chainsaw, the sap gets stuck in it. It means if you use a chainsaw to cut down trees every day, you will need to clean the sap regularly. Moreover, to get the best results, release the chainsaw as soon as the work is done.

To Sum Up

Cleaning the sap is an integral part of taking care of the chainsaw. Even if your chainsaw is not very dirty, the sap should not be allowed to settle in it. So for your convenience, this article describes how to clean sap off chainsaws.

Hopefully, you will properly follow the steps mentioned above which will keep your chainsaw free from tree sap. Moreover, your chainsaw is an expensive tool and you may not want the sap to do any harm to it due to negligence.

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