How To Drill A Hole Without A Drill?

Tools are always necessary but we often don’t understand which tools to keep at home. And sometimes the tools get lost or we fail to find them out. This creates a haphazard situation and makes the emergency situation worse. Such an important tool is a drill. Now when you can’t find one but need it, what can you do? 

For situations when you need a drill but don’t have or can’t find one, you need to keep alternatives ready. Making holes on woods, concrete walls, are some basic activities that you may need to do at any time. To hang a photo frame, fix screws on the walls, and do similar activities, you need a drill. But if you don’t have one, what alternatives do you have? 

To help you learn how to drill a hole without a drill, I am presenting this article. Here, I will mention some alternatives that can be used for drilling where you don’t need a drill. Sounds great, right? 

Let’s start!

5 Ways To Drill A Hole Without A Drill:

You can prepare a drill machine prior or use handy methods that are useful during emergencies. There can be a circumstance when you have an electric drill but there is no electricity connection. Even then you need a backup. This is why it is good to stay prepared. However, if you fail to do so, I still have solutions for you. 

Here are the 5 basic ways of drilling a hole without a drill: 

  1. Drill A Hole in Plastic With Heated Copper:

Let me start with the easiest one. Making a hole in plastic is one of the easiest tasks. Plastics are not as hard as concrete or wood and can be drilled through easily only if you know the right tactic. 

You may need to drill a plastic hanger to hang it on the wall with screws. But if you don’t make a hole for the screw and directly try to nail the screw on the plastic, the plastic would break immediately. Now as you don’t have a drill, there is an alternative way. 

Take a copper bar with a sharp end. You can take a small copper nail too that has a sharp end. Heat the sharp end well using fire. Now, gently hold the heated end of the copper piece over the plastic where you want to make a hole. As the copper is heated, it would gently melt the plastic area where you have placed it. 

Can you see a perfect hole in the plastic now? That was super easy, right? 

  1. Use A Brace and Bit To Penetrate Holes:

There is a cool tool called a brace which is an alternative to electric drilling machines. This tool has a bit which is used to penetrate wooden surfaces effortlessly. Having a brace at home is really a good idea to drill a hole in the woods. 

The bit in the brace is a twisted bar that has a sharp cutting lip end with feed screw. This sharp end makes the holes. The brace has an U-shaped handle that you need to rotate. 

Place the bit in the place you need the hole, and rotate the handle. The twisted bit would cut and grind the wood easily making a hole. Keep your hands steady so that you don’t make haphazard holes. 

Having a brace, therefore, is really helpful, isn’t it? 

  1. Use Hammer and Nails:

Here comes a primitive way of drilling a hole. Yes, though it is an outdated way of drilling a hole, it can be life-saving during an emergency. In fact, this was the only way of drilling before when electric drills were not available. So, why not take help from our ancestors? 

This simple way of drilling a hole is to put a sharp nail on the surface you want to make a hole. However, don’t try this on plastic surfaces. This is suitable for concrete, wood, and hard surfaces. After placing the sharp end of the nail on the surface, strike the hammer on the flat end of the nail. 

Be cautious while doing this. Make sure that the hammer doesn’t miss the nail surface and hurt your hand. Keep striking the nail until it penetrates the surface. Be steady and patient while doing this. Go slow and don’t strike too fast as you may end up hurting your hand. 

Keep hitting the nail with the hammer until it gets fixed inside the surface. You can use the hammer to fix a tilted nail too. It was quite effective, wasn’t it? You just need to be cautious and careful!

  1. Get Some Self-Drilling Screws:

You can keep some self-drilling screws at home. This is basically the most handy and easiest way of making a hole on surfaces. Keep them at home and use them whenever you need to make a hole. 

Self- driving screws have drilling bits at the end of the screw that work on making a hole on a surface. These screws have sharp cutting threads to penetrate a surface effortlessly. And trust me, it is an easy way to accomplish the task. 

Hold the sharp end of the screw on the surface and then use a screwdriver to let it go through the surface. Rotate the screw with the help of the screwdriver so that it penetrates the surface. The cutting threads would cut the surface through and get fixed inside. 

Such a handy way to make a hole without a drill, isn’t it? 

  1. Make A Wooden Drill On Your Own:

What about keeping a backup by making a wooden drill by yourself? If you keep a wooden drill then you can use it during an emergency. 

Take a piece of wood, approximately a meter long, and cut one end of it. Make a sharp end by cutting one side of the wood. Polish it well to make the end as sharp as possible. This end would help you to make a hole on surfaces. 

Now, use a hammer to make a hole. Place the sharp end of the wooden drill on the surface and hit the drill with the hammer until it starts making a hole. Keep striking the drill with the hammer until you get the required depth of the hole. 

This is also a primitive technique that had been used by stone age people to carve stones and make symbols and arts. Who would have thought that the idea can work as a homemade drill tool too? Interesting, right? 

Masud Rana

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