How To Drill Into A wall? (Beginner-friendly Guide)

It is not an easy job to drill into a wall on your own. You need some basic tools and machinery to perform such an operation at home. If you are a beginner, it is a very complicated task. However, with the right guidelines and safety measures, anyone can drill into a wall with these easy steps.

In this article, I will provide you with all the necessary guidelines on how you can easily drill into a wall following a few easy steps and with your needed materials list. This is a complete beginner-friendly guide on how to drill a wall.

Follow the instructions and steps properly to successfully drill the wall on your own. Let’s get started:

6 Easy Steps To Drill Into Your Wall:

Here are my 6 easy steps to drill into your wall. Just follow these steps properly to do this job smoothly:

Step- 1: Check Your Wall Types:

Always make sure to check the sound of your wall, before you start drilling your wall. It is important to know the type of wall you are drilling into. Knock twice on the wall, if you do not hear any sound that means you are drilling into a solid wall. 

If you hear any hollow sound by just tapping onto the wall, it means you are drilling into an empty wall. It is very important to figure out the type of walls you are drilling into. For different wall types, specific tools and drill machines are used.

Below, a chart is given for your better understanding of the type of drilling used for different wall types:

Types Of DrillWoodPlasterBoard BrickConcreteStoneBreezebLockComposite Materials
Hammer Drillxxx
Slotted Drive Shaftxxxx

Here, you can see the different types of drills used for different materials. The cross sign indicates not to drill the type of walls with such drilling tools.

Step- 2: Avoid Drilling Above Or Below Your Light Switches:

Do not even go near to the places your light switches are adjusted. Avoid drilling above or below your light switches, because the wires are adjusted inside the wall to provide electricity to your switches. You will find yourself in serious trouble, if you ever accidentally drill these places filled with electric wires.

In order to avoid such accidents, you can use a stud finder with a live wire detector to find the wires that are already placed inside your wall. Once you detect the wires inside your wall, then you can decide the place you want to drill for hanging your picture frames, clocks etc.

It is also recommended not using any walls that are adjacent to your bathrooms. Avoid any walls that are shared with your bathroom. You will risk damaging and drilling into the pipes that are used for your washroom.

There are also major risks of damaging the radiators of your bathroom. Avoid these specific areas in your house and find a suitable spot before you start drilling in your wall.

Step- 3: Mark The Place You Want To Drill:

Before you start drilling, mark the spot on your wall with a pencil or a paper tape. If the place you want to drill in is a drywall,  you can just mark the spot with a pencil and then use a wall plug and hammer to make an indemnity of the spot you want to drill. Once you have successfully marked the spot of your drywall, use a drilling machine to drill a hole into your wall.

On the other hand, if you are drilling into your ceramic wall or glass wall, it is recommended crossing mark your drilling spot with a black tape. This will prevent the cracks from your ceramic or glass wall. 

Step- 4: Take Safety Precautions Before You Start:

Make sure to take precautions before you start drilling your wall. Always wear a goggles or safety glasses before you start drilling your wall. There are very small particles that can directly come off to your face that are extremely dangerous for your eyes.

Before any kind of drilling, you must take safety precautions before you start your action. It is also recommended wearing a mask and hand gloves for protective measures. Make sure there are no children or pets around while you are drilling your walls.

Use rubber gloves as this type of gloves will protect you from electric shocks. Keep your tools and accessories on top of a wooden floor to make the place electric free.

Step- 5: Place The Tip Of Your Drill Bit And Start Drilling:

By now, you have taken all the necessary precautions and gathered all the important tools to drill into a wall. Now it is time for you to start drilling your wall like a professional. Place the tip of the drill machine into the drilling spot and gently start your machine.

Make sure to keep your drilling machine straight and press the trigger of your drilling machine. Use a masonry drill bit to perform this action, use a little bit of masking tape on the top of your drill bit for a depth gauge. Now, gently place the drill bit into your drilling machine and make sure it is well fitted into the machine.

You can check whether it is properly fixed by moving the drill bit anti-clockwise. Set the mode of your drill machine to hammer action, otherwise you will never get through the wall. Now gently start the machine and start drilling your desired spot.

Once you start drilling, you will see the tip of the drill bit is making a hole into your wall. At this point, increase the speed of your machine and keep the machine straight to successfully put a hole in your wall.

Step- 6: Insert Your Wall Plug:

Once you are done with drilling the spot with your machine, you can now insert a wall plug into the hole. You can choose a wall plug according to the size of your screw which I have mentioned in the later part of this article. Then you can insert the screw inside that wall plug. 

There are few things that you should always remember. Always try to use the right  sizes of your screw and wall plug. The screw has to be proportionate to the size of your wall plug. Make sure to leave an inch of the screw from your wall plug, so that  you can hang your pictures or frames.

What Tools Are Used To Drill Into A Wall?

Here, I’ve listed such tools that are used to drill into a wall: 

  • Power Drill and Masonry Drill Bit,
  • RAWL Plug and Matching Size Screw,
  • Multi-Purpose Detector,
  • Hammer,
  • Pencil,
  • Tape( Masking),
  • Ladder,
  • Goggles,
  • Face Protectors.

After gathering all the above tools and materials, it is safe to say that you are ready to drill into your wall.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What Can I Use To Drill My Wall Without A Power Drill?

You can drill your wall without a power drill, but it will be very time consuming. It will not be as swift and smooth like drilling with a power drill. To drill your wall without a power drill, you need a hammer,screw and a nail. Place the nail on your desired place and mark the spot. 

Then use your hammer to drill a hole in your wall and then place the screw into the hole.This is a very risky method, as most people injure themselves while hammering the wall. It is recommended not drilling a wall without a power drill. 

Is It Safe To Drill A Hole Into A Wall?

Well, the answer depends on your safety precautions. If you follow the instructions properly, then it is very safe to drill a hole into the wall without seeking a professional service. Just make sure to avoid the areas where there are electric cables and wires.

Use safety measures like stud finder, to find any electric wires behind the wall to avoid any kind of accidents. Always pick the right spot to drill a hole into the wall by avoiding electric wires, radiators and bathroom pipes.

If you can safely figure out the danger zones and find a suitable safe spot to drill a hole into the wall, it is very safe for you to perform the action.

How Long Does It Take To Drill A hole In A Wall?

Well, it depends and varies from person to person and the tools and devices they are using. If you are using a power drill, it will take 5 minutes to 7 minutes to drill a hole into a wall following all the safety precautions. If the person is new to this, then even using a power drill will take at least 15 to 20 minutes as the person needs to read the instructions.

If you are using a hammer to drill a hole into a wall, then it will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes for an expert to successfully drill a hole into the wall. It takes a lot of measurement and precision to drill a perfect hole into a wall without using a power drill and using just a hammer.

Which Type Of Drill Is Used For Stone Or Ceramic Walls?

In order to drill stone or ceramic walls, you need a different type of drills called the masonry drills. The masonry drill bits are used to penetrate very tough materials like stones or concrete walls. The masonry drill bits are also used to drill a hole into the ceramic walls and bricks. 

The tool is only used for drilling heavy surfaces and materials. You do not need a masonry drill until and unless your walls are built with such heavy textures. For a simple drilling, use a traditional drill or an impact drill for drilling the walls of your house.

Why Can’t I Drill My Wall?

This is a very common problem to most of the new users who are trying to drill a hole for the first time. If you notice the drill machines are not drilling a hole into your wall, that means the drill bits are spinning in the wrong and opposite direction.

In that case, read the instructions properly before trying again and always make sure to fix your drill bits into the right direction before you start drilling.

What Screw Size Should I Use To Drill My Wall?

It all depends on the thickness and the materials of your wall. However a general size chart is given here for your better understanding:

Wall PlugDrill SizeScrew Size

For different colored wall plugs, the drill size and the screw size is given. Choose according to the needs of your wall to start drilling.

How Much Does A Drill Machine Cost?

There are different types of drill machines that are available in the market. An average cost of a drill machine starts from $25 dollars and it can go as high as $150 dollars.

These power drill machines come in different packages, such as combo packages with different tools and machineries. Budget drill machines do not provide you with any extra-kits or tools. 

End Words:

It is not easy to drill a hole into your wall, that too on your own. But it is always nice to learn something new and be productive. If you follow the steps and instructions thoroughly, you will definitely come out as a winner and be successful drilling a hole into your wall.

If you find this article useful and informative, feel free to share your views and opinions here in the comment section.

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