How To Load Brad Nails In Arrow Staple Gun? [DIY Solution]

A staple gun enables lots of conveniences to work on several objectives. But sometimes it seems confusing to load brad’s nails in an arrow staple gun. Therefore DIYers often look for better instruction to get this job done correctly. However, you have probably come to the right place to find a simple solution to this issue.

The process of loading brad nails has to go through step by step. So, people can implement the method without the possibility of failure. DIYers should also learn about different types of staple gun loading methods. Also, be aware of the mistakes that can be made as a newbie and avoid them.

Therefore, for the convenience of all users, this article will cover all the factors related to arrow staple gun loading. Hopefully, users will get their preferred answers to the particular questions. Also, beginners will succeed in doing the job perfectly.

5 Simple DIY Steps To Load Brad Nails In Arrow Staple Gun:

Loading the staple gun with proper procedures will reduce most efforts. So, one should follow each step well to get the best use. This section will show the complete procedure by presenting some particular steps.

Step 1: Locate The Loading Channel

First, find the gun magazine or loading channel. Because this is basically where Brad’s nails are placed. Most likely, people will find the channel at the back of the tacker. But if it is not here, look for it in the lower parts. 

At this point, look for a trigger to use to push the magazine. Not all models may have triggers. In this case, push the thing and check if it is enough.

Step 2: Release The Spring Tab

Now, locate the spring tab release switch and pull the follower out by pulling the follower to the end of the magazine rail. Notice that a loading arm holds the staples firmly against the magazine rail. Then pull the magazine handle to release the entire tab. 

On most tackers, the magazine release lever is placed just below the tacker handle or on the front for a convenient press. 

Step 3: Remove The Staples

Now, remove all the staples in the device. Remember, these will come in handy later too. So be careful not to lose them after moving. It is best if the removed tackers are kept in an airtight container.

Do not rush when removing the stackers. First, loosen it slowly. Then keep pulling. Pull it with a whisk until it comes out. Bring out all the stuff like this.

Step 4: Load The Brad Nails

Now, it is time to assign the nails. Staple guns usually use 5/8 inch brad nails. Users should make sure the points of the spikes are facing up. Then insert the spikes into the magazine. After inserting the entire spikes, ensure it ends at the indicated position of the magazine. 

The spikes should not be too big because they will not be able to be stuck if it is not level with the magazine. Lock the magazine after setting the rivets properly in the tool. In this case, lock the loading arm by pushing hard.

Step 5: Check The Tool

Connect the power supply to check if the spikes are working correctly. Then press the on/off button next to it to start the device. The nails will work when you have done all the above steps correctly. But not paying attention to mistakes can make a difference.

In this case, one can take the help of a professional person. Also, you can take advice from someone you know who often uses spikes on the arrow tacker.

Different Types Of Arrow Staple Guns And Brad Nails Loading Methods:

There are different models of Arrow staple guns, and their brand rivets loading process differs slightly. So, it is better to know about the laying methods of popular models. This will help to avoid problems related to lying.

  • Arrow T50 R.E.D

A study has shown in the book “Tools 2011 Spring ” that (1) the tool is suitable for professionals and DIYers. Besides, it can meet pins of different sizes. That is why it is a great option for a variety of crafts. However, now learn the way to assign brads.

Step 1: Find the loading channel;

Step 2: Remove the pusher and clear the magazine;

Step 3: Install spikes into the magazine on the indicated side;

Step 4: Reinsert the pusher back onto the guide rail;

Step 5: Check the tool if it works perfectly.

  • Arrow’s T50HS PowerShot Staple Gun

The T50HS PowerShot is the world’s best-selling tacker. It is also considered an ideal tool for heavy projects. This tool works perfectly on anything from ceiling underlays to furniture. Let’s see the steps of pin loading:

Step 1: First, push down to release the magazine;

Step 2: Once you have released the magazine, make it clear;

Step 3: Insert the brad spikes into the magazine and set it properly;

Step 4: Make sure the pin rest on the indicated side of the magazine;

Step 5: Now close the magazine and lock it;

Step 6: Check the tool connecting with the power supply.

  • Arrow T50AC Staple Gun

The Arrow T50AC model has some groundbreaking features that are extremely handy for any DIYer. The flat pin will add more convenient features to the tool for more workability. Here, know how to assign pins in this tool:

Step 1: Make sure the tool is powered off;

Step 2: Press down on the release to open the magazine;

Step 3: Now, enter the rivets into the magazine;

Step 4: Close and lock it;

Step 5: Turn the power on.

  • Arrow PowerShot 5700

This instrument is highly commendable in providing easy and consistent performance and accuracy. Being lightweight makes it easy to handle and also increases durability. Now learn how to use a rivet:

Step 1: Pull the magazine and release it completely;

Step 2: Enter the spikes inside and set;

Step 3: Close the magazine and lock it properly;

Step 4: Check the approach;

Step 5: Notice the working inside with the tacker viewing window.

  • Arrow T50PBN Staple Gun

One of the most popular tacker models is the Arrow T50PBN. It can work perfectly with a 5/8” rivet. The tool is usually made of steel working parts and helps to complete all the powerful tasks in the fastest time. So, how to assign a flat pin? See below: 

Step 1: Force the pusher to remove it;

Step 2: Use a screwdriver to remove the magazine screw;

Step 3: Once it is loose enough, release it from the tool;

Step 4: Clear jammed tackers from the particular part;

Step 5: Reinsert the magazine back into the tool;

Step 6: Now, attach the screw again with the screwdriver;

Step 7: Insert tackers into the guide rail;

Step 8: Check the tool.

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Loading Brad Nails In An Arrow Staple Gun:

DIYers often make mistakes while loading flat pins into Arrow guns. These will undoubtedly make your project fail. So you must have a detailed understanding of the mistakes, how to correct them, and the ways to avoid them.

Possible MistakesOutcomeWays To Avoid
OverdrivingThe pegs can punch straight through and make the worker injured.Do not apply pressure too when shooting on a workpiece.
Bruising wood unconsciouslyToo much pressure can grind the wood piece and make it unworkableSoften the tip of the gun using painter’s tape.
Using too many nailsIt does not allow the tool to have sufficient working power.Use as many spikes as needed. As such, spikes twice as thick as stock are suitable.
Spring out wronglyBrad can change the inside direction and punch outside.Hold the tool firmly and start slowly so that the pins fall into place.
Forgetting to lock the magazineWhile the tool runs, the magazine can come loose, and the spikes can come off.Do not forget to close the magazine after inserting the spikes. Also, check again after locking.
Failure To Check MagazineIt can separate into the magazine’s top, which is quite inconvenient.When changing previously used nails, do not forget to remove the old ones.
Steel Toe NailingThe flat pins will skim off the wood surface and then go flying when it shot at more than 20 degreesDifferent sizes of corners are recommended for each model. Set and use spikes accordingly.
Using the wrong modelSetting spikes by mistake on models that do not support rivets is quite inconvenient and a waste of time.Before using an arrow staple gun, one must know if the gun is compatible with Brad’s.
Using an adapter plugincreases the risk of electric shock because most amateurs fail to use the correct outlet.Do not leave any adapter or the original power supply connection open until you complete the loading process.

Related Questions About Loading Brad Nails In Arrow Staple Gun:

Can You Use Brad’s Nails In A Stapler?

One should never use a brad nailer in a stapler because it is incompatible with a staple gun. These serve as dedicated tools for the Brads only. So people can use them on brad nails, not staple guns. It can not work with nailers, bringing opposite characteristics to both.

Nailers are mainly beneficial for brad spikes because they meet most sizes of brads. Therefore, remember an arrow staple gun samely targets spikes, not the nailers.

What Is The Easiest Way To Load Brad Nails On An Electric Arrow Staple Gun?

The simplest way to load brad’s nails is to follow each step manually. Generally, one should remove the magazine first. In some arrow models, it is attached with screws. In this case, you can use a screwdriver to loosen them. However, drive the nails in and let them set. Be sure to close and lock the magazine.

The electric arrow staple gun is the most powerful tool on the market today. Even a study in the book “Nut Production Handbook for Eastern Black Walnut” (2) mentions the arrow model as a light-duty staple gun. People always prefer this electric tacker gun for stapling on hard surfaces like wood or concrete. That is why workers always look for an easy way out.

Is There A Way To Load An Arrow Nail Master 2 et200 Brad Nail Gun?

Most DIYers use an effective way to do Arrow nail master 2 et20. The process is completed with just a few simple steps. To do this safely, disconnect the electric tool from the power supply. Only use brads marked with stock numbers as more may cause jamming. 

Hold the tool upside down after loading the nails. Now place the brads in the channel and twist it to be sure that the flat pins are against the wall. Then push the latch back to make the rivets not fall out. Run the latest tool and check if the nail master 2 et20 is working.

What To Do When Loading Brad’s Nails In Arrow Staple Gun But Not Working?

First, you need to find out why Brad’s nails are not working and take action accordingly. If it does not fire after loading, you can clean it as a first step. Because there is excess dirt where Brad’s pins are being assigned, it cannot work. But do not worry because cleaning the channel is simple and will not waste valuable time.

Also, it fails to work because the spikes are not set finely. In this case, using a hammer can solve the problem. You can gently tap the dimple of the spike with the help of a hammer. This will allow the rivets to set and work properly.

How Do You Load Your Arrow T2025 Staple Gun?

At the beginning of the process, aim at the base of the stapler gun and locate the spring. Now pull the magazine out until it comes to the edge and gets stuck. Then insert the nails into the channel in only one row. After setting the nails, push the magazine in with the spring. Be sure to lock.

Note that one should not insert additional rivets because this overloads the channel and prevents it from working. Also, do not use broken tackers because tackers jam using short or broken staples.

What Things To Consider While Loading Brad Nails In An Arrow Staple Gun?

A few crucial things to remember while loading brad nails into an Arrow staple gun. These points also serve as some additional precautions. Turn off the gun power supply connection to avoid causing any untoward incident. Be careful of overloading the spike as it may not be placed properly. 

Also, many forget to lock the magazine after the final insertion. In this case, one should keep a layered view. Some gun models require unscrewing to remove the rod. So if the model used is like this, then definitely take the help of a screwdriver.


For professionals and amateurs, it is necessary to study all the aspects of arrow staple gun nails loading again and again. Because DIYers can often make some silly mistakes. Hopefully, the method presented in the article to load brad nails in arrow staple guns has been useful enough for everyone.

Besides, the loading method of several arrow models is also discussed. Therefore all the brads related to flat pin loading are cleared up, and DIYers can get out of all the confusion.


(1) (2011).

(2) Jones, J. E., Mueller, R., & Sambeek, J.W. V. (Eds.). (1998). Southwest Missouri Conservation & Development (RC&D) Inc.

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