How To Repair Makita Angle Grinder? [Know All Fixes] 

Makita angle grinder is a very popular and preferred brand among users. There is a lot of speculation among the customers about how to repair the Makita angle grinder. After prolonged use, the grinder or any other part of it may become useless and needs to be repaired.

The advantage is that all parts of the Makita angle grinder can be bought in the market. So no matter which part you need to repair, you can buy each independently. Also, angle grinder repair is so easy that anyone can do it after knowing the proper ways.

Moreover, when you purchase a grinder, it will be accompanied by manual instructions on how to fit any part. In this article, you are going to know the methods of repairing the Makita angle grinder. This article will also discuss all the matters related to this grinder repair.

10 Tricky Ways To Repair Makita Angle Grinder: Problems & Fixes

With Angle grinder repair you have to fight the different problems. You can only repair when the problems are clear to you. Let’s take a look at the problems and ways to repair them together below:

1.Problems With The Grinder Blade:

The problem is that the blade remains stationary even though the motor of the grinder is rotating. That is something that prevents the blade from spinning. First, you must find out the exact reason because it happens for several reasons.

Repairing: Unplug the grinder so that it has no electrical connection. Now check the spindle, flange, gears, and coupler. If you notice any problems in these areas that are not repairable then replace these parts.

2.Lock Button Doesn’t Work:

You may be in a situation where the blade of the grinder is changing but the spindle lock button is not working. The matter is quite uncomfortable because it is hindering blade replacement. In this case, you have to check the shoulder pin, spring, cap, and above all the button.

Repairing: There’s something you can do if you don’t see any problems. Disconnect the grinder plug. Now disassemble the spindle lock button such as separate the button, spring, cap, and the shoulder pin, and re-install it. That’s enough to repair the lock button. 

3.Bad Vibration Of The Grinder:

Since the grinder is used in fine work and there is a normal vibration when you are grinding. If there is excessive vibration in it, then it must be understood that there is an internal problem. It vibrates badly due to defects in several places of the angle grinder.

Repairing: Problems with some parts that cause bad vibrations in the grinder such as gear, bearing, carbon brush, flange, and disc. You need to check these. Vibration is usually caused by any of these being loose. Tighten the part that is causing the problem. Hopefully, the problem will be solved.

4.Motor Creates Over Sparks:

Angle grinder emits sparks naturally when cutting metal objects. So, if it emits more sparks than before, you must pay attention to it. Maybe your motor is going to be damaged or some part of it is not working properly.

Repairing: In this case, you need to check the spring, carbon brush, armature, and holder. If you find a defect in one of these, repair it or replace it if necessary. You will be happy to know that Makita angle grinder components are available at affordable prices.

5.Unexpected Grinding Sound:

Usually, the grinder makes less noise and that’s just when cutting. So if you hear a sound inside it other than its cut, it indicates something else. One or more of the inside parts of the grinder may have been damaged.

Repairing: If a place is loose then tightening it will solve your problem. But if you find that the armature, gear, bearing, carbon brush, or spindle has been damaged, it is wise to replace it.

6.Grinder Emits Smokes:

Angle grinders do not usually emit smoke, so it is unusual to see smoke coming out of them. However, it is a simple symptom that indicates that any part of the grinder is burning. The only reason for this is the short circuit.

Repairing: If there is no damage to the power cord, carbon brush, or armature due to a short circuit, there is no need to repair them. Still, it is certain that since the smoke is coming out, it means that any part must be damaged.

7.The Blade Is Wobbling:

Shaking the grinder blade during work prevents your work from being perfect. It needs to be firmly attached to the machine so that it can keep up with the pace. So, the reason the blade is shaking is that it is not stuck tightly.

Repairing: Inspect important parts of the grinder including the washer, bearing, gear, and blade. If any of these are loose, your blade will not work properly. Separate them if necessary and make sure they are as tight as possible by reinstalling them.

8.Motor Becomes Too Hot:

Since your angle grinder works continuously for some time, it is common to get a little hot. But, if it gets very hot, it can be a cause for concern. This could be due to a defect in any of the components inside. In addition, if the motor fan does not work properly, the inside heat gets stuck and heats up.

Repairing: If you are not familiar with the components of the Makita angle grinder before then you will not be familiar with their normal appearance. After examining each part, including the fan, if you notice any inconsistencies in any of them, it is better to replace that.

9.Cooling Fan Does Not Work Properly:

The reasons why the cooling fan of the Grinder motor becomes useless are completely natural, your negligence may also be the cause. During work, some dirt and debris circulate which easily enters the grinder and damages the cooling fan.

Repairing: Make sure the surroundings are clean during work. Remove any debris with a little break. If the cooling fan is ultimately damaged, you should replace it.

10.Switch Button Breaking:

The lifespan of a switch depends on its use. Due to the frequent use of the Grinder’s switch button, it can open and even break. The switch is very easy to repair or replace in less time.

Repairing: Open the nuts of the grinder and separate the holder, armature, and holder. Place a new switch in the correct position and push the lever. Then attach the separated parts again one by one.

7 Useful Tips To Know When Repairing Makita Angle Grinder:

Here you will know about some additional tips about repairing the Makita angle grinder that can be helpful to do the job perfectly: 

Tip-1: Keep your work area as clean and well-lit as possible so you can identify any problems with your Makita angle grinder.

Tip-2: Check the sound of the grinder and the feeling of holding it in your hand while working. If you notice something unusual then it is time to repair

Tip-3: If you notice a problem with the grinder, do not check it while it is running. Wait until it closes completely.

Tip-4: Disconnect the grinder from electricity before repairing it, otherwise, harm may occur to you.

Tip-5: If it is necessary to disassemble most of the parts for repair, make sure that they are tight at the end of the repair, otherwise, it will create other problems.

Tip-6: Use a brush if you need to clean the cooling fan. It can be washed if there is excess dirt, but make sure it is completely dry. You can then reset the motor.

Tip-7: If the switch breaks or falls off, do not use the machine before repairing it. It is more likely to come in contact with electricity.

Related Questions About Repairing Makita Angle Grinder:

When Does Your Makita Angle Grinder Require Repairing?

The Makita angle grinder may need to be repaired at any time as it has a lot of components. There could be problems in any part. Remember not to start the grinder with any error, it may damage the rest. Arrange for repairs as soon as the problem is caught.

You can repair any grinder problem yourself. But if you are new, study the accompanying user manual carefully. You will get ideas on how to separate any part of it.

Does Makita Angle Grinder Need A Repair For Emitting Smokes?

Makita angle grinder usually does not produce smoke. So if you suddenly see smoke, it is a sign of a problem. The most common cause of this is the burning of any part of the grinder. Since you have to work electrically, short circuits are normal.

As soon as there is a short circuit, you will not see the smoke unless it is burning something. Turn off your machine immediately and unplug. Inspect the armature, carbon brush, gear, and other parts and replace the burnt part.

When Should You Repair Cutting Disc Of Makita Angle Grinder?

There will be no option to repair the cutting disc if it is damaged. Makita angle grinder has a potential expiration date for its different parts, so it will be damaged if you try to use it after that time. But there may have been problems before, and they are repairable.

To examine the disc, notice its metallic center where there may be some markings that indicate damage to it. Replace it with a new disk.

How To Repair Makita Grinder 18V Lithium-Ion Battery?

The Makita grinder has an 18V Lithium-Ion battery which can run out for various reasons. If the battery continues to heat up with each use, there is something wrong with it, and it will slowly run out of steam. In addition, even if the first 2 cells fail to work, your battery life is over.

The battery of this grinder can be rebuilt but it is quite expensive. So why spend when it is possible to do it yourself? Just open the battery pack and replace the cells. Make sure these are working. Now reassemble these. Problem solved!

How To Repair Makita Angle Grinder Armature? 

The armature of the Makita angle grinder motor consists mainly of 4 parts, the commutator, the cooling fan, wire windings, and two bearings. So if there is a problem with either, the armature will stop working. Excessive heating of the windings can cause them to burn. As the commutator is a part of the bar, it often breaks down.

It is also damaged by the accumulation of dirt and debris inside the cooling fan. The bearings are always rotating in the motor so it erodes quickly. Consequently, remove the burned part of the wire windings and remake it. Moreover, you can replace the rest.

How To Repair Makita Angle Grinder Motor?

The main role of the motor is to allow you to continue working with the grinder. So, here you should give utmost importance. Motor problems can cause your machine to stop working instantly. A big symptom of motor problems is when it gets too hot and it keeps getting worse. This is because the cooling fan fails to get the heat out.

Continuous heating can damage any part of the motor. Open and clean your cooling fan. If the fan is damaged then it is better to replace it. Also, check the other parts of the motor to see if there are any problems.

What Should You Repair If Any Noise In Makita Angle Grinder?

The Makita angle grinder is a noise-free tool, but sometimes it can come out of nowhere which is a sign of a problem. The grinder uses a lot of energy to run, so every part of the grinder must be tight. Noise can be made if any part of the motor is loose.

Also, if the handle or any other part becomes loose, there may be noise. In that case, you plug out the grinder and separate each part. Now reassemble these and make sure they are tightened.

How Often Should You Repair Makita 18v Batteries? 

The speed at which Makita 18v batteries need to be repaired or replaced depends on how quickly they are damaged. An 18v battery usually has a lifespan of 3 years. However, if any battery-related issues have been observed before, repair or replace them.

Replacing lithium cells can solve your battery problem. But, the manufacturers weld it in such a way that it is impossible to remove. Also, there is a simpler way to replace it which allows you to do it without any damage.

How Do You Change The Bearings On A Makita Grinder?

Changing the bearing of a Makita grinder is a normal process that can be done in minutes. First, uncover the spindle area of ​​the grinder. Now you will see four nuts here. After loosening this part, try to get the spindle out. Since it is very tightly bound, it is not possible to get out without hitting.

Hit the center with a hammer to get the spindle out and at the same time gently hit the socket to get the bearing out. Here you will find some small shaped parts which can be stored till the bearings are replaced. Now that the old bearing is in your hand, replace it.

Why Is Your Makita Grinder Not Working?

The reason why your Makita angle grinder is not turned on is it does not have a proper power supply or the switch is not broken. Usually, the plugin your wall outlet has a loose connection, so the grinder does not get power. Don’t worry, it may get back to normal.

First, unplug the grinder once and plug it in again. If it is turned on then no further action is required. But if not, then maybe there is a problem with the switch. In this case, replace the switch, and the problem is solved.

How To Repair If Makita Angle Grinder Stopped working?

If it does not start even after plugging in and switching on the angle grinder, you may suspect some problems. This is usually due to a fault in the power supply. However, you should check the cords and plugs first to see if they are damaged at all. In this case, you need to change the fuse.

Also, check if there is a proper supply of gas in the power supply. It is a common problem faced by almost all grinder users. This can be a problem even if you have a loose connection of the plug with your switchboard.

To Sum Up

The grinder is a very useful tool that has a wide range of uses and the Makita angle grinder is always special to the users. Hence, if you don’t want it to shut down prematurely or lose effectiveness, you should know how to repair the angle grinder.

The angle grinder has different problems that are caught while working. If you have an idea about the problems and repairs of each part, you can solve them yourself. For this, you need to know about various issues.

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