How To Start A Chainsaw Rust? [With Reasons And Protection]

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Chainsaw is one of the effective tools for cutting down tree trunks and stalks in a very short time. However, it can cause your work to fail due to rust. Rust can cause your chainsaw to lose its ability to work. Although chainsaw rust is well known, not many people know how to start a chainsaw rust. 

A chain can start rusting for many reasons. However, the common reason for rust is dirt. If you use your chainsaw to cut the trunk or stalks of a dirty tree, it can rust quickly. It can also start to rust due to improper maintenance.

Rusting on the chainsaws makes it dull and makes it difficult to cut down trees. If you maintain your chainsaw properly, it will not rust easily. Here I will discuss for you the cause of rust and its solution. To know about rust and its remedy, continue the article.

3 Common Signs To Start A Chainsaw Rust:

You can see the rust in a chainsaw when you see it. This is because the color of any metal changes due to rust. But you’ll notice a few more things besides just the color when the chainsaw starts to rust. Let’s take a look at how the chainsaw begins to rust!

1.Working Slow:

When it starts to rust in chainsaws, its operating speed starts to slow down. So, you will notice when you use your chainsaw. Once the rust starts, it will take longer to work than usual. Because of the rust, it loses its performance. So, whenever you feel this problem, take quick steps to prevent its rust. Because if the chainsaw is completely rusted, it will not regain its former strength even after it has been repaired.

2.Hard Starting:

If you find that your chainsaw is running harder than before, it may start to rust. So, you need to take the compulsory steps to prevent rust. However, this problem is not just the onset of rust. There could be many more causes for this. So, if you find it hard to start your chainsaw, check to see if it has rusted inside.

3.Won’t Stay Running:

Although it is not a problem to start the chainsaw many times due to rust, it can be turned off. If your chainsaw is not running while you are working, try again. However, if the problem is recurring, you need to monitor whether it has rusted. Because if your chainsaw’s chain starts to rust, it will turn on, but it won’t stay running.

5 Common Reasons Of A Chainsaw Rust: Be Careful

There are several possible causes for rust in chainsaws. But many do not know the reasons. As a result, they cannot protect their chainsaws from rust. But you can get rid of this problem if you know the exact reason. So here are some common causes of chainsaw rust from which you can benefit.

1.Cut Into Dirt

If you cut into the dirt using a chainsaw, the dirt can get stuck and rust. Many times when the tree trunks are dropped on the ground, the chainsaw may come in contact with the soil or other debris below. Since the device is running at this time, dirt can quickly enter it, which can cause rust. 

2.Store Unclean Chainsaws 

The chainsaw should be kept clean at the end of each work. This is because different types of dirt can get on the chain while working. When the tree is cut down, fluid gets stuck in the chain, which can cause rust later on. If you keep the chain clean after regular work, it will stay sharp for a long time.

However, leaving it unattended at the end of the work will quickly rust and make the chain dull.

3.Store With Wet Chain

The chainsaw should be cleaned at the end of each work. Many times the chain needs to be washed due to excess dirt. If you also clean the chain with water, you must dry it and store it. Because if there is water in your chain, it will cause rust.

So after washing, you can dry the chain well and dry it in the sun. This will keep your chain from rusting and keep it sharp for longer.

4.Leaving Old Gas In The Tank In Winter

Install a fuel stabilizer to your chainsaw gas canister that will permit you to recognize how much gas is in your tank. Because when you save the machine, the tank should be emptied, and the carburetor should be dried. It will also increase the life of the carburetor diaphragm in your tank and prevent rust.

If the old gas has accumulated for a long time, it may rust inside the tank. Also, turn on the old gas engine to increase the machine’s durability.

5.Running With A Dirty Air Filter

A chainsaw air filter can stop outside dust and dirt to the combustion chamber. However, if your air fill tar has been used for a long time, it may carry some of the dirt and dust into the combustion chamber. This can cause dirt to build upon your device and cause rust.

It can result in reduced engine power and increased fuel consumption. If you notice the following signs, check the air filter. Most air filters cannot be cleaned, so they need to be replaced. 

5 Effective Tips To Protect Chainsaw From Rust:

Rusting in a chainsaw can cause a lot of problems. It can also be completely damaged due to prolonged rust. So you should always protect the device from rust. Below are some tips to protect your chainsaw from rust that will help keep your chainsaws away from rust.

Tips-1: Always store the chainsaw in a dry place. Do not place the device in areas where water is circulating, and dirt may accumulate because water and dirt can cause damage.

Tips-2: Clean the chainsaw after each use so that no dirt accumulates in it. If dirt accumulates, rust may start from that place. Also, the chain may become dull due to the accumulation of dirt. So clean and store the chain well after use.

Tips-3: When using chainsaws, make sure that the chain is not covered with soil while cutting the tree trunks left on the ground. Because the dirt on the ground destroys the chain teeth, if the soil is stuck for a long time, there is a possibility of rusting in the chain. So, use the device carefully in dirty places. You can cut the tree trunks with bricks or tree branches at the bottom if possible.

Tips-4: Maintain the chainsaw properly. When storing it, make sure that no water accumulates on it. This is because if water accumulates for a long time, the machine will rust, reducing its durability. I recommend trying it in the sunlight for some time after washing the chain each time.

Tips-5: Check its air filter if your machine is running slow or having trouble getting started. Prolonged use of the same air filter often results in dust and dirt entering the machine, which can cause rust. So as soon as you notice such problems, check the air filter and replace it if necessary.

Frequently Asked Question:

How Should You Store A Chainsaw Chain To Avoid Rust?

There are several ways to prevent your chainsaw from rusting. But the best way to save a chainsaw is to hang the chainsaw on a pegboard. Also, another safe way to store it in an airtight carton. You can also save the device by hanging it with a loop from the ceiling if you wish. 

However, the way you store it should be out of the range of children or pets. When storing the device, care should ensure that no fuel remains in it. And if it has a wet feeling, dry it well, and if it is dirty, clean it and store it. However, use it occasionally to maintain the effectiveness of the chainsaw. 

How To Remove Rust From Chainsaw?

If your chainsaw has rust, it needs to be cleaned quickly. If the rust stays in metal for a long time, it can completely destroy it. So, clean it as soon as possible whenever you notice that your chainsaw is rusty. One of the best ways to clean rust from chainsaws is to soak it in water. So, clean the chain with.

Once properly cleaned, apply the oil properly on all areas. This will smooth out the rust in your chain. Once all the oil has been properly applied, re-clean the machinery thoroughly. Rusting the chain damages the sharpness, so sharpen the blade or teeth after cleaning the rust. However, if the rust is excessive, you may need to change the chain.

Is Rust Bad For Your Chainsaw?

Rust can damage a chainsaw in a variety of ways. Many times, the chain can be completely damaged due to prolonged rust. However, it can slow down the chainsaw in the initial periods of rust. So, you will apply extra time than usual when you use it. Also, it often becomes difficult to turn the chainsaw due to rust.

You may have to spend added energy to turn it on because of the rust. In many cases, the device may turn off during use. When rust persists in a chainsaw, it gradually damages the blades or teeth, reducing effectiveness. It can also affect power management in many cases. So always keep the chainsaw away from rust with proper maintenance.

Can You Protect Your Chainsaw From Rust?

It is possible to keep a chainsaw away from rust properly maintained. So, when buying a chainsaw, one must know about its maintenance. This is because the maintenance techniques of different brands of devices are different. If you know the maintenance technique of your machine, then you can keep it away from rust.

Also, if you follow some simple tips, you can easily prevent the death of your chainsaw. If you clean your chainsaw after using the resist, it is less likely to rust. There are also some tips above that you can follow to protect your chainsaw from rust. 

Which Oil Should Be Used To Clean Chainsaw Rust?

If your chainsaw gets rusty, it should be cleaned quickly. You can lubricate the chain using WD-40 to clean the rust. It is the best oil for chain lubrication. Since the chain needs to be cleaned thoroughly to clean the rust, you need to use serum oil.

You can use some WD-40 multi-use products to ensure perfect rust. WD-40 works very well for rust resistance as well as lubrication. So I think it is better to use this oil to clean the rust because it can give you two benefits at once.

How Long Does A Chainsaw Chain Stay Sharp?

How long your chainsaw will stay sharp depends on the frequency of your use and what brand of chain you are using. A chainsaw can last 5 to 10 years, depending on your use. However, if you use a simple chain, this durability may be less.

An additional chain should be kept in reserve for the convenience of using the type of chain. Also, to keep a chainsaw sharp for a year, maintain it properly. If you do not clean the chain regularly after use, it will quickly become dull. So, maintain it properly to make the chainsaw chain last longer. 


Hopefully, after analyzing this article, you understand how to start a chainsaw rust. Since rust is a big problem for chainsaw users, they all need to have an idea about it. You can also keep your chainsaws away from rust by following the tips I have shared here.

However, if you have further questions about it, see the question-answer part below. Hopefully, you will get the replies to your enquiries here. And if you have other queries then contact me via email.

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