How To Use Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer?  [A DIY Solution]

Cordless brad nailers with advanced motor and battery technology deliver the nails perfectly to the depth of the workpiece. One of the most widely used cordless options on the market is Dewalt. Dewalt models vary in usage as they carry slightly different features. That is why people cannot understand how to use Dewalt cordless brad nailer.

People can operate Dewalt nailers without the hassle of using gas, compressor, and hose because most of its models are battery-powered. It also has other great features that make it stand out from other brands. However, it is significant to know the correct method of using it.

Therefore, this article will provide helpful information for new users with or without knowledge of this tool. Here you will find the best and most effective way to use it and all related issues. Hopefully, people won’t have any more confusion.

Using Method Of Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer For Beginners: 6 Steps

Dewalt brad nailers are on the list of favorites of DIYers and professionals when it comes to making any project speedy. In general, people use bard nailers of 18 gauge the most. Learn the straightforward and correct method of handling it to get the best results.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Equipment

Almost all Dewalt models have a general usage rule. For this, you need to stock up on a few essential items. Learn about the tools from the list below:

  • Dewalt brad nailer;
  • Nails (different sizes);
  • Workpiece;
  • Eyewear and gloves.

Step 2: Read User Manual, It’s A Must

DIYers should carefully read the user manual provided by the manufacturer of the model they are working with. This will give the user lots of ideas about the necessary steps. Also, you can get a clear idea about the model features. That is why one should complete this process first.

Step 3: Take Safety Measures

Amateurs must take safety measures since even professionals don’t use this tool without safety gear. According to a study in the book “Carpentry and Joinery” (1), taking eye protection is mandatory even though the tool has to be prepared with enough safety features. Do not forget to wear gloves with it.

Step 4: Pick The Right Nail Size

For Dewalt nailers, people usually use 1-inch, 1 ¼ inch, 1 ½ inch, 1 ¾ inch, and 2-inch nails. Choose one of them according to the type of work. Pick the correct size pin depending on the depth of the wood. DIYers can use medium pins for softwood as nails driven with brad nailers can easily enter into the depth. But use smaller ones for thin wood.

Step 5: Load The Magazine

Pull out the magazine. Note that the magazine is attached to the tool to place the row of nails. So, take it out. Now, load the selected staples. Load according to its capability. Otherwise, it will jam. After loading, push the magazine in and lock it. After locking correctly, be sure to check whether it is stuck.

Step 6: Start Firing

Now start firing on the wood piece. Maintain a line and fire the nails at a safe distance. DIYers use the bump actuation method after placing a few carelessly where they need to insert numerous small pins.

In this case, they should activate the bump mode by pressing a button that randomly fires some pins and bumping them. Besides, you can change the PIN per your need in just a few seconds.

Things You Should Know Before Using Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer

Even if people know the correct process of using this tool, they may miss some things. These are the considerable things you should know as a user if you are using Dewalt’s brad nailer for the first time. However, the following factors are the most important to know before taking action.

  • Taking Safety Steps

Be sure to take some safety measures before using the tool. There are a few things one must keep in mind while wearing eye protection and hand gloves. A report in “The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission” (2)reveals that the user will not be injured if they operate the tool with the lock-off position.

Many people may not know that Dewalt can work even when locked off. It will work the same way even if the user doesn’t pull the trigger. But in this case, there is a possibility of getting hurt suddenly.

  • Making A Test Before Use

One should not forget that he must test the Dewalt nailer before final use. Many people start operating it on the workpiece for the first time due to not knowing the matter. As a result, the pins enter in the wrong place and in the wrong way. As the pins are fired with this fastener are hard to locate later. 

Therefore do not make a mistake at first. It can cause the surface of the wood to lose its appearance. Try it on a small or scrap wood piece for the first time. After being successful, proceed to the final steps.

  • Not Using Oil Unnecessarily

Some models of Dewalt brad nailers require oiling, and others do not. The user should know well about the model of the tool beforehand. One of the models that do not require oiling is the DWFP12233. It naturally gives better performance.

But some models must be oiled to get maintenance-free advantages. It is best if you read the user guide beforehand.

  • Know If The Magazine Has Enough Nails

Determine an approximate amount of nail use before working on a project and load the magazine accordingly. Use a whole staple if the same pin size needs to be inserted multiple times. 

As a result, there will be no chance of running out of pins in the middle of the job. The tool will signal when the pins are running low. Smaller tasks often require fewer pins. In this case, one can reuse the row from which he used some pins.

  • Determine Where Using The Tool

One of the most important considerations to think about before using the tool. Because Dewalt brad nailers are not suitable for attaching anything. This can be a wrong decision, especially when a DIYer wants to use it to secure the baseboard to the wall.

The tool can attach the baseboard to the wall but never provides a permanent hold. Also, the nails cannot be fixed well. So at least choose a better option instead of brad in this task.

7 Tips For Using Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer For The First Time:

Despite knowing enough factors regarding the use of Dewalt brad nailer, something remains incomplete if you don’t know some tips. These small tips will help to perfect the user’s work avoiding all the mistakes. So, know the following tips.

Tip 1: Do Not Go Too Fast

One of the crucial things that a new user needs to remember is to start the device slowly. Many handle it quickly out of excitement when using it for the first time. This is the wrong approach. Going slow will get the job done better than going fast. At least start slowly, then gradually increase the speed.

Tip 2: Clear Out The Jam

This is not unusual for the machine to jam when using brad nailers. One advantage of using the Dewalt is that it has an LED light that will flash as soon as the pin is jammed. Clear the jam as soon as this signal is received. At this stage, take out the magazine and unload all the pins. Now load new pins if necessary.

Tip 3: Do Not Apply Too Pressure

The cordless tool can work generally. During firing, the user can apply light pressure to drive the nail into the right place. But don’t put too much pressure. It can be harmful to the machine. Also, sometimes the nailer can kick back, hurting the user. So let the nailer run as normal as possible.

Tip 4: Be Careful About The Low Battery

This battery-powered device may become temporarily useless due to low battery. Due to the LED light on the machine, the user does not have to worry about accidentally turning off the machine. When the battery is low, the light flashes 4 times. From this, you can easily understand that the battery is about to die.

Tip 5: Use The Right Nails

There is considerable importance in choosing the right size nails that beginners often don’t know. Unknowingly they use pins of any size. Select the pin according to the depth of the wood piece. Using the wrong size pins will likely make the job more time-consuming as people need to remove these to go to the next steps.

Tip 6: Keep Fingers Away From The Nails

Be sure to keep fingers away from contact with the pins during firing. Even with hand gloves, getting too close can cause serious finger injuries. When it is necessary to keep hands on the workpiece, keep it away from the operation area as much as possible. Above all, be mindful of your safety.

Tip 7: Do Not Fire With A front Position Of The Tool

The part of the tool that fires the pins is always facing down. Sometimes this part may need to be brought out for machine repair or some other purpose. Then one must stop the firing process. It means never lifting or tipping the tool during operation. This could cause the pin to come out accidentally and cause serious injury.

Related Questions:

How Do You Attach The Depth On A Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer?

Brad nailer has the features for its depth attachment. Most Dewalt models have a button next to the magazine. DIYers usually use it for the depth setting. The switch controls the lever located nearest to it. Depth can be attached by pressing the button and setting the lever to the desired position. Bring the lever to the place you want to fix and release the button. 

Similarly, to change the position of the lever, press the button again and move the lever. In this way, you can make the necessary depth setting. For some reason, workers cannot reposition the lever even after holding down the button. The tool probably needs a repair.

What Are The Common Mistakes A Newbie Makes When Using Dewalt Brad Nailers?

There are several mistakes that beginners make when using Dewalt brad nailers. This includes trying to go too fast. They consider the tool normal and try to fire it too early in the beginning. This can cause the workpiece to lose its appearance and be damaged during use. Also, new users do not care about nail jamming. 

If people do not clear the jamming, the device may fail to perform for long. Most of the time, they choose the wrong pin because they do not know the correct size. Another great mistake is being careless about security while using the tool. Additionally, they go wrong and get injured in their hands and other body parts.

Why Are The Nails Not Coming Out Of Your Dewalt Brad Nailer?

In most cases, due to jamming, nails cannot come out of Dewalt nailers. The magazines often jam due to overload or incorrect loading of pins. The tool has an LED light that flashes as soon as it is jammed to make the user understand there is a problem inside. To clear the jam, remove the battery and then take out the magazine. 

Take out all the pins inside the magazine and make sure none remain. Also, check if any pins are sticking separately. After cleaning, reinstall the battery and load the plug into the magazine. Now turn on the machine, probably the nailer will run smoothly now.

How Do You Fix A Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer That Won’t Fire?

One of the reasons the Dewalt cordless nailer won’t fire is when the pins jam and stop coming out. The LED light on the Nailer will alert you that the tool is preventing firing. In this case, one should clear the jam out as soon as possible. Take out the battery and magazine to clear the blockage. There is another serious reason why the tool cannot fire. 

LED light provides enough signal when a battery is low. If users ignore this, the battery will die, and the device will not fire. Therefore, one must keep an eye on the light while working and fix it at the initial stage of any problem. So, it does not stop firing the machine immediately.

What Is The Main Reason For Misfiring A Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer?

Some Dewalt models require lubrication. So if they are not lubricated at the right time, they will misfire. Usually, using a few drops of lubricant on the air line hose will solve the problem. Another cause of misfiring is screw loosening. Vibration during firing loosens the screws and significantly impairs the firing ability. To solve this issue, tighten the screws as much as possible and ensure that there is no excessive vibration during firing. 

Besides, the device may misfire due to a lack of proper air supply. Also, the nailer fails to work correctly due to some other malfunction of the tool. In case of a big problem, one needs to take it to the service center.

Final Verdict:

Battery-operated cordless brad nailers are very effective for any woodworking project. Dewalt models mainly offer some great features even though beginners often don’t understand how to use Dewalt cordless brad nailer. Hopefully, all the DIYers and beginners have been able to clear the complications related to its use.

Apart from using the nailer, the article presents other significant factors that every user should follow. Also, now you have more knowledge about the mistakes you can make. So, start your project ideally!


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(2) DEWALT Recalls Cordless Brad Nailers Due to Injury Hazard. (2005, 8 5). Consumer Product Safety Commission. Retrieved August 18, 2022, from

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