How To Use Sights On A Chainsaw?

If you want to cut a tree using a chainsaw, you need to know the process of its sight. You can learn about how to use sights on a chainsaw from this discussion. Since you need to follow proper guidelines for using chainsaw sights, this article may be helpful for you. 

There are a few methods to customize chainsaw’s sights. The felling wedge can be difficult to use if you want to cut a small tree. Because when the tree is bent, its guide bar gives the pinch. So, all you have to do is push the tree against a pole with a trunk or spike. 

In this article, you will acquire approximately the process of using a chainsaw sight. Here, I will also discuss several of its methods. I will also describe step by step the chainsaw sight process. Let’s go to the main topic! 

7 Easy DIY Steps To Use Sights On A Chainsaw: The Best Way 

Using chainsaw sights, you can stalk with both small and large tree trunks that can be easily cut. Using Chainsaw’s felling/gunning sights, you can knock down a tree in a certain place. This will make it easy to cut a tree.

You can easily add felling/gunning sight to your chain. It is essential to know the use of its sight to ensure the correct and safe use of chainsaws. Here I will converse the procedure step by step for your ease.

Step-1: Proper Planning And Preparation

To use Chainsaw’s sights, you first need to make an appropriate plan and prepare accordingly. First of all, your requirement is to get a good knowledge about your Chainsaw. You will complete the task safely and efficiently with proper planning and preparation. Decide which way you want to cut the tree and how you want it to fall. 

Step-2: Indicate The Feeling Side

Using chainsaw sights, you can make the tree fall at your convenience. After cutting the tree, you have to choose the cutting direction according to the direction you want to throw.

Cut the stalks in the direction you want to cut the tree and the direction the tree will fall, considering the direction of the wind. Another important thing when cutting down trees is to move people around at certain distances. 

Step-3: Lower Trunk Limbing

Once the area around the tree has been cleared, cut the lower branches before cutting from the tree’s trunk, as these may be useful for cutting the tree. So cut off all the branches except one above the shoulder height. Use the trunk as a front barrier when cutting branches so that there is a certain distance between you and the saw. 

Step-4: Clean Your Workplace

Before using chainsaw sight, it is necessary to clean the soil around the tree and up to a few meters behind it. As a result, your Chainsaw will not get dirty, and the chances of rust will decrease. Also, your chain should be sharper because of the use of sights, so check the chain carefully before and after each use.

Step-5: Cut Down Trees In The Right Way.

When using chainsaw sights, cut a hinge on the tree’s trunk, which will remove the tree as soon as it falls to the ground. To make the axis, cut a wedge-shaped portion and use the “directional cut” where you need the tree to tumble. Now make a “falling cut” straight from the reverse side. Leave an axis of about 3 cm which will resist the way of your cut.  

Step-6: Cut The Direction

Following process will help you to cut the direction:

  • Standing firmly behind the tree, lean the left shoulder along the trunk and notice the cut along the top of the front handle. 
  • Make a directional cut and hold the front handle with your left hand. Now apply the full throttle and bring the saw down at a 60-degree angle. 
  • Cut the downhill path from the similar site. Use the throttle with the left thumb and control with the right thumb. 
  • Now bring the saw up at an angle of 30 degrees and stop to cut the top. This allows the two cuttings to combine properly and the hinge to move the tree to the ground. 
  • When cutting the bottom, look at the top cut down so that both cuts meet.

Step-7: Use Felling Sights For Cut

Follow these process to use felling sights for cut: 

  • To use the chainsaw’s sights, check the fuel level by turning off the engine, as it is dangerous to run out of fuel in the middle of work. 
  • When using a chainsaw filling inspection, place it evenly or slightly above the point with the cutting edge. At this point, leave the hinge with an unchanging width of at least 3 cm, about 1 1/4 inches. 
  • If the trunk’s diameter is less than the length of the bar, start cutting from the back. Otherwise, start from the side of the stem. However, as soon as you cut them, move them backward. 
  • Start cutting by standing resolutely with both legs and applying full accelerator with the left hand around the handle. 
  • When cut in half, close the saw and insert a pre-bar that avoids the tree from falling rearward and blocking the saw. Pre bar will make it easier to cut your tree. 

5 Important Tips For Tree Felling Using Chainsaw:

Chainsaws may seem easy for many to use, but it can be quite difficult for you if you are new. So there are some important things to conserve concentration when cutting down trees using a chainsaw. Below are some necessary tips for easier tree felling. 

Tips-1: Before cutting trees using chainsaws, you must use safety equipment properly. The most vital item you need to wear is a safety helmet. If you wear a helmet during tree felling, you will not be harmed by wearing tree stalks.

Tips-2: There is a lot of noise during the chainsaw, so it is best to use hearing protection. It is also advisable to use an eye protection glass to prevent debris from getting into the eyes while cutting the tree. But, it may not be compulsory if you wear a good quality helmet. However, you must use a hearing safety shield.

Tips-3: During Tree Felling, cut off the surrounding branches. Otherwise, these can be a hindrance to your work. If you are going to cut a tree in a deep forest, you must clear the area around the tree. Because when you cut the tree, you may need to transfer it to any crosswise. So if you clean around the tree, it will make your job easier. 

Tips-4: When cutting the tree, stand facing the tree and start cutting the hay from your right side. Keep your left side clean at this time. Because when you plant the tree, you can quickly run away from the father. If you are worried about where the tree should be thrown, notice the wind speed and cut the tree from the opposite direction accordingly. 

Tips-5: Thoroughly inspect your chainsaw before cutting the tree. In particular, make sure it has enough fuel because it is dangerous to run out of fuel in the middle of tree felling. Also, ensure the chain is sharp and adequate. If the chain is dull, it may take longer to cut. The tree can often not be cut properly because the chain is not sharp. 

Frequently Asked Question:

What Is The Black Line On A Stihl Chainsaw?

Above the Stihl chainsaw’s ID tag is a line known as the black line. This line runs through the decompression valve of the felling sights of the Chainsaw. The line runs everywhere around the saw but never goes down.

Stihl uses black lines instead of Husky above the Chainsaw’s ID tag. This is because the lines in the husky plastic can be easily filled with any color that is not possible using black lines. 

What Are Gunning Sights On Chainsaws?

The saw is placed so that you can throw the tree towards a certain target, using gunning sights. You can see where there are more plants. You can create a specific place for the tree to fall using gunning sights.

However, before cutting the tree using gunning sights, you must clear the place of its fall. If there are any small trees or branches in that place, cut them down and clean them. Also, make sure that you use the Chainsaw for personal protection.

What Is A Felling Sight On Chainsaws? 

The tree is drawn in a 90-degree vertical guide bar at the top and side of the saw for accurate directional fall, called felling sights. It can be used for tree felling by creating a position at the back of the tree starting from the target at the front. Cut at the top of the groove to create a well-lined line above the target.

If you make a slight turn to the left or right of your target when using the falling sight, the tree may fall off the mark. So be careful when using felling sight. Also, before using the sights of a chainsaw, make sure that you check it thoroughly. Ensure that you have sufficient fuel, so you don’t run out of fuel.

How Do You Use A Felling Sight On A Chainsaw?

To use chainsaw-felling sights, place the cut edge evenly or slightly above. Then release the axis with 3 cm unchanging width. But if the trunk’s distance is less than the length of the bar, cut from the back. And if the length is equal to or greater, then start from the side of the stem. 

When starting to cut, stand firmly with both feet and apply the full accelerator with the left hand around the handle. To prevent the tree from falling backward, cut off the saw when the tree is cut in half and insert a pre-bar, making it easier for you to cut the tree.

What Is The Right Side For Tree Felling?

Always stood facing the tree while falling. After felling the tree, place it on your right side. As a result, your escape routes will be open to your left. Cut the tree into pieces at an angle of approximately 70-degrees toward where it will be worn. 

When cutting down a tree, ask them to move away if anyone is around. And remove the tree branch and the wind direction where the wind speed is higher. However, before felling the tree, you must cut the branches near the hand.

What Is The Felling/Gunning Of Trees?

It is the performance of cutting down a tree. This is done to avoid the supper of the bug to other plants. Tree felling/gunning is also done to improve the safety of some areas. If you want to cut down the trees around you, you can easily get the job done using an electric chainsaw.

However, you can take a professional’s help to felling trees. Because tree felling seems easy to many, it has a lot of risks. If you have no acquaintance with the chainsaw process, refrain from doing it. However, you can hire a professional for emergency tree felling.

Do All Chainsaws Have Sights?

You can cut trees more easily using chainsaw sights. Most modern chainsaws come with felling sights. However, many do not know about its use. This helps the operator align the cut in the direction of the tree cutting, just like gunning sights.

You can fall on the tree to a certain goal using the sights. Although these features of Chainsaw are not very old, you can easily use them. The sights are used to help the operator align the cuttings to cut the tree.


I’ve been discussing using sights on a chainsaw for so long. You can cut trees in different ways using a chainsaw. So it is vital to read the user’s guide previously to use the chainsaw. If you are a professional, you, perhaps, are aware of this. 

However, those who are new to the subject may be completely unfamiliar. So here are some tips for beginners, which will help you use chainsaws. Since one is a tool, you have to be cautious in using it. Before using chainsaws, make sure that all the protective components are used properly. 

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