What Is A Bobbed Hammer? [Everything You Should Know]

Bobbed hammers have become more popular with revolver lovers. This hammer has some fantastic features for making the revolvers effective and potential. However, many shooters still don’t know “what a bobbed hammer is.”

A bobbed hammer is a machined-off revolver hammer. Generally, the hammer spur remains closed in this type of hammer. Also, bobbed hammer offers different kinds of hammer cocking that allow the shooter to control the revolver. Besides, guns with bobbed hammers feel light while shooting.

In this context, I will share my experience with the bobbed hammer. Also, I will explain the importance and benefits of having a bobbed hammer in the revolver or pistol. So, let’s dive into the in-depth post.

4 Purposes Of A Bobbed Hammer And How It Works:

The primary purpose of a bobbed hammer is to spin the revolver cylinder. When the cylinder rotates, the barrel1 selects any bullet chamber by indexing and fires the bullet. Now, I’ll explain the 4 operating mechanisms of a bobbed hammer in a revolver or pistol:

1.Hammer Cocking:

Achieving the hammer cocking is essential for firing through a revolver or pistol. It is acquired by following two methods. Single-action and double-action both can cock the hammer to rotate the cylinder. However, both of these methods have some benefits and drawbacks. So, before choosing your hammer cocking way, know them perfectly.

2.Hammer Cocking Action:

Any revolver is defined into two types of hammer cocking methods. However, each style does the exact mechanism for achieving the cocking. When the hammer starts to cock, the hammer struts, and stirrups loads quickly to hit the cylinder. That’s why hammer cocking is central to running a revolver or pistol. Besides, cocking decides the quality of minimal points for cartridge throwing.

3.Single-Action Hammer Revolver:

Single-action is a type of hammer cocking method. In a single-action hammer revolver, the shooter has to pull back the hammer manually and then push the trigger. Generally, single-action revolvers contain a spring trigger that needs to move forward. For this task, the trigger needs to drive backward to provide the motion energy inside the spring.

When the shooter pulls back the hammer, it provides static energy to the spring by rotating the cartridge chamber cylinder.2 And finally, the spring can throw the bullet at the aimed point. Besides, single-action revolvers must load each time before shooting at the desired object. However, it can throw and decide the precisely aimed thing.

4.Double-Action Hammer Revolver:

Double-action hammer revolvers are similar to single-action ones. However, there are still some significant differences between these two cooking methods. A double-action revolver is called a double-action revolver when a handgun needs to pull back the hammer and pushes the trigger simultaneously. It is another popular and effective cocking method in revolvers and pistols.

In this method, the shooter has to do the task types manually. However, this method doesn’t need to reload after each shoot. There are some pins to hold the hammer strut and stirrup with each other.

When the shooter pulls back the hammer, the hammer strut is stuck into the hammer stirrup. After that, the cylinder spins, and the barrel can gather enough energy to throw the cartridge.

5.Bullet Indexing:

Bullet indexing chooses the cartridge to throw at the aimed point. After rotating the cylinder, the index selects a cartridge chamber and sets it with the barrel. Almost all types of modern revolvers and pistols use this ancient method of bullet indexing. However, some guns use different modern techniques.

Besides, the cylinder constantly indexes the barrel alignment bullet to maintain the serial. Through this process, the cylinder can only select the chambers that contain cartridges and avoid the empty sections.

Bullet indexing allows the barrel to be ready for the shoot. From my user experience, Umarex Smith & Wesson Model 29 Revolver3 is the best-bobbed hammer for bullet indexing.

6.Thrusting The Bullet:

The last stage of a bobbed hammer is a working mechanism. After applying any hammer action methods, the hammer achieves the cocking. It provides static and motion energy to the spring, and the spring throws the bullet.

Generally, the speed of the cartridge depends on the hammer cocking. So, for a successful bullet firing, use a suitable cooking method.

Benefits Of Using A Bobbed Hammer:

Revolvers with a bobbed hammer are preferable to the American defense society and arm forces officers.4 Also, bobbed hammer revolvers are safe and secure for self-defense. There are many benefits of using a bobbed hammer in guns or pistols. 

  • Better Hit:

Bobbed hammer provides a better hit than any other hammer revolver. It reduces the primer’s mass and increases the bullet speed while throwing a cartridge. Moreover, a bobbed hammer can make the shoot smooth and rotate the cylinder according to the alignment. This feature is also responsible for throwing a better hit.

  • Feels Lighter:

A bobbed hammer can reduce the mass and feel lighter while shooting. Also, the entire revolver or pistol becomes easy and light to carry. Even if you’re a beginner, this bobbed hammer revolver will make you feel like an experienced. Besides, there is no heavy backward pushing if the shooter uses a bobbed hammer in the pistol.

  • Aimed Point Accuracy:

The bobbed hammer’s aimed point accuracy is impressive. When the shooter uses a bobbed hammer, its effective cocking method helps to shoot at the right point of the desired object. Also, the hammer strut and stirrup can make a better bullet indexing. For this reason, your aimed point accuracy will increase.

  • Different Cooking Methods:

There are two types of cooking methods. A shooter can choose the cocking method according to the comfort and speed of the cartridge. SA, DA, and SA/DA revolvers are more popular nowadays. Different cooking methods allow the shooter to use various features.

  • Easy Holding System:

The grip of the bobbed hammer6 remains on the upper section of a revolver or pistol. You can keep your hand slightly higher while firing a bullet. Besides, a shooter can reload the bobbed hammer using only one hand as it remains at the top of the grip.

  • Less Injury:

A bobbed hammer can hold the inside parts like pins, struts, and stirrup tightly so that the hammer never breaks. For this reason, the hammer never disrupts even if it falls. However, I recommend using Comforttac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster for the best safety of the hammer.

Differences Between Bobbed Hammer VS Regular Hammer:

Hammer revolvers are good at shooting more than hammerless guns.8 That’s why shooters prefer hammer revolvers most at present. However, a bobbed hammer is an updated version of regular hammers. Look at the table below to learn about the difference between these hammers. 

Feature NameBobbed HammerRegular Hammer
Hammer styleBobbed hammer contains a curvy body and single broadleaf design.The regular hammer also has a curvy body. But it contains a two-sided broadleaf design.
Cocking methodCan apply different cooking methods such as single-action and double-action.There are no several methods of cooking. Only uses a single-action cocking method.
Hammer strut sizeShort hammer strut.Long hammer strut.
Aiming accuracyProvides a sharp mining accuracy while shooting.Can’t provide much accuracy to aim the object.
Barrel lengthLong barrel with the spring.Short barrel with the spring.

Related Questions:

How Do You Use A Bobbed Hammer?

The shooter must decide on the cooking method for using a bobbed hammer. If you want to use the single-action, the hammer should be pulled back and pushed the trigger. For double-action, on the other hand, the shooter must pull back the hammer and press the trigger simultaneously.

Besides, there are many other factors for using a bobbed hammer. The most effective term is practice and comfort.

Why Do You Use A Bobbed Hammer?

Bobbed hammer is good at shooting accurately at the aimed point. As a shooter, everyone should use a bobbed hammer in their revolvers. Besides, a bobbed hammer gives different cocking options according to the user’s comfort and need.

Moreover, this hammer can reduce the mass and make it lighter while performing shooting. So, for a better shooting experience, a bobbed hammer is the best choice.

Does Bobbed Hammer Allow You To Control Your Revolvers?

Bobbed hammer allows the shooter to control the revolver. As it offers different cooking options, a bobbed hammer can own the handguns. When it needs the cocking, the user can use another cocking method and reload the gun. Even some guns need to be filled manually repeatedly.

Besides, a bobbed hammer can control the speed and aim point easily. So, for those who need reasonable gun control, a bobbed hammer may be a good choice.

What is the difference between a Smith and Wesson J-frame and K frame?

J-frame means the large size, and K-frame means the diminutive size of Smith and Wesson revolvers. Generally, both frame sizes indicate the measurement of swing and swing-out cylinders. It is an ancient method of naming cylinder sizes. However, these measurements become accessible to the users.

Also, these J-frame and K-frame cylinder revolvers contain different features and efficiency. J-frame is more famous for its work method and effectiveness.

Final Touch:

Bobbed hammer is an excellent invention for revolvers. It makes the pistols more effective and user-friendly. Also, bobbed hammer provides a potential shooting with single-action and double-action cocking methods. So, now you know all about “what is a bobbed hammer.”

Try this hammer in the revolvers to enjoy the shooting like a pro. Besides, as these hammers behave so light, even a beginner can use them efficiently. Happy shooting!


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