About Masud Rana

Hello, it’s Masud Rana. As a professional hardware tool reviewer, I guide people through the proper use of tools and ease their work. On my website, My Tools Guide, I will share different ideas on how often and where they should use these tools and solve related problems.

My experience as an expert tool reviewer has taught me it’s challenging to figure out which tools are good and which are bad. And it’s not just about finding the right tools but also knowing how to use them effectively. If the tools are ever misused it will not only damage the tools but also harm your organs.

On my blog, you can find reviews of the best tools a person needs for their household or heavy work. If you are a mechanic, plumber, or carpenter then you must use different tools for cutting, drilling, or fixing nut bolts. In this case, my resume is much improved. Since I have studied and used many of these tools in real life, I am familiar with their advantages and disadvantages.

However, I usually discuss angle grinders, brand nailers, chainsaws, drillers, and hammers. I experienced these tools and witnessed real-world uses of them. Hence, you must follow my blogs to know when and where to use these tools.

Finally, all my articles are written by me by getting real-world experiences. I review the best tools, and all the tools work well. I prefer safety first, so I mention the safety measures and how to use them correctly in my blog posts. I discuss the uses of all tools step by step. 

Thus, don’t worry about using the tools. And it’s a pleasure for me to have you visit my website in search of helpful information.