Can You Break Tungsten With A Hammer?

Can You Break Tungsten With A Hammer

Tungsten, renowned for its remarkable hardness and durability, often prompts curious individuals to question its limits. It can be broken in many ways. But can you break tungsten with a hammer?

While tungsten is incredibly hard and strong, it’s quite brittle. When struck with sufficient force, such as that from a hammer, tungsten can fracture or shatter. However, breaking tungsten with a hammer is extremely difficult due to its exceptional hardness and resistance to deformation.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of tungsten’s properties and the plausibility of breaking it with a hammer.

How To Break Tungsten With A Hammer

Breaking tungsten with a hammer is an arduous task due to its exceptional hardness, but if necessary, here are the steps to attempt it:

Step 1: Prepare Safety Gear

  • Safety goggles: Protect eyes from flying debris generated during the breaking process.
  • Gloves: Shield hands from potential injury caused by sharp edges or impacts.
  • Protective clothing: Wear long sleeves and pants to minimize exposure to debris and reduce the risk of injury.

Step 2: Secure Tungsten

Ensure the tungsten piece is firmly secured to prevent movement and maintain stability during hammering. Stability is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure controlled force application.

Step 3: Identify Striking Point

Inspect the tungsten piece for any existing cracks, fissures, or weak points that may facilitate breaking. Choose the striking point carefully, aiming for areas where the tungsten is most vulnerable to fracture. If no weak points are present, consider creating a starting point by scoring the surface with a sharp tool.

Step 4: Apply Controlled Force

Begin with light taps using the hammer to gauge the tungsten’s response.

As necessary, gradually increase the strength of the strikes to apply more force to the tungsten. Controlled force helps prevent damage to the surrounding area and ensures precision in targeting the striking point.

Step 5: Rotate and Vary Strikes

Periodically rotate the tungsten piece to distribute the force evenly across its surface. Strike the tungsten from different angles and positions to apply force uniformly and increase the likelihood of fracture. This step maximizes the effectiveness of the hammering process and helps overcome tungsten’s exceptional hardness.

Step 6: Evaluate Progress

Regularly inspect the tungsten piece for signs of fracturing, deformation, or progress. Based on the observed results, adjust the hammering technique or striking point as needed to achieve the desired outcome. Patience and persistence are key to successfully breaking tungsten with a hammer.

Step 7: Exercise Caution

Remain attentive to the tungsten’s hardness and the potential for sharp edges or flying debris. Take breaks as needed to prevent fatigue and maintain focus on safety throughout the breaking process. Adhering to safety protocols ensures personal safety and minimizes the risk of accidents or injuries during tungsten-breaking efforts.

Related Questions:

How Hard Is It To Break Tungsten?

Breaking tungsten is extremely difficult due to its exceptional hardness and toughness. It ranks among the hardest materials known, surpassing steel. Tungsten’s densely packed atomic structure and strong metallic bonds contribute to its durability. 

While theoretically possible to fracture tungsten under extreme conditions, practical methods like striking with a hammer are highly improbable. Its exceptional hardness and strength make breaking tungsten a challenging task that exceeds conventional tools’ capabilities.

What Is The Weakness Of Tungsten?

Tungsten, renowned for its exceptional hardness and durability, does not have significant weaknesses in terms of its mechanical properties. However, one potential weakness is its brittleness at high temperatures, where it can become susceptible to fracturing under certain conditions. Tungsten can be prone to oxidation at elevated temperatures, which may compromise its performance in specific applications. 

Overall, while tungsten exhibits outstanding strength and durability, careful consideration of its limitations is necessary, particularly in high-temperature environments.

Is Tungsten The Hardest Metal On Earth?

Tungsten is not the hardest metal on Earth, but it is one of the hardest. Tungsten ranks among the top in terms of hardness, surpassing many other metals. However, materials like diamond and some forms of boron nitride are even harder than tungsten, making them technically the hardest substances known.

Can Diamonds Break Tungsten?

While diamonds are extremely hard and can scratch or cut many materials, including tungsten, they are not typically used to break tungsten in the same way one might break glass or other brittle materials. Tungsten is exceptionally tough and durable, making it resistant to fracture from most impacts, including those from diamonds. 

However, under certain extreme conditions, such as applying immense pressure or using specialized equipment, it may be possible to cause damage to tungsten with a diamond.

What Are The Potential Risks Or Hazards Associated With Attempting To Break Tungsten With A Hammer?

Attempting to break tungsten with a hammer poses several risks and hazards. Flying debris from the impact can cause eye or skin injuries, requiring protective gear. Besides, tungsten’s exceptional hardness may result in unpredictable fractures, leading to sharp fragments that can cause cuts or puncture wounds. Proper safety precautions, including protective clothing and eyewear, are essential to mitigate these risks.


In conclusion, while tungsten is renowned for its hardness and durability, breaking it with a hammer is not entirely impossible. However, due to its exceptional toughness, achieving such a feat would require considerable force and specialized equipment.

It is essential to approach any experimentation involving tungsten and hammers with caution and adhere to strict safety protocols. Hope, you know how can you break tungsten with a hammer.

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