Should You Buy An Angle Grinder? [Why And Wherefores] 

Many tools are available for sharpening metals, grinding, and many more. However, there has been a common question that bugs many people. Should you buy an angle grinder, and is it even worth it? You should surely get an angle grinder for yourself. 

Angle grinders are perfect for providing the straight and sharp edges cuts of metals which are pretty hard to work with. Moreover, angle grinders have a larger diameter that can cut more profoundly with multiple speed controls. However, it requires higher watts to trim the dense materials.

Therefore, here in this blog, I’ll let you know all the essential details regarding the angle grinder and why it should be your ideal pick.

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Angle Grinder:

The grinder machine is the most useful tool for some reasons. Every workshop should have an angle grinder as it can replace many tools with the correct disc and effortlessly reduce intensive labor work. There are eight reasons in brief why you should buy the machine:

1.For Grinding:

Grinder machines are used to match the name so that they can make a great grind. This is the first reason and need. When you have to do the metal grinding project work, you should choose something like the grinder machine. It is wise to use a grinder to easily cut ceramic, stone, tile, wood carving, etc.

2.Quick Work:

You should buy an angle grinder machine for quick grinding, polishing, cleaning, cutting, sharpening, or sanding. You can get all the benefits of this tool. You have to change the disc or blade depending on your task. For this reason, buy the tool and use the disc for your work purpose.

3.Removing Paint:

The grinder is also used to remove old paint from any wall. You may have to remove paint from the old walls of your house. It is an arduous task if you do not have any practical tools. This machine helps to remove wall paint very quickly. 

4.For Polishing:

Another use is to polish scratched old metal gloss. You may need a smooth polish on any metal or something like that. For doing the best polish in a quick time, it is the best choice. This machine plays an influential role in sharpening any other tools.

5.Removing Rust:

To remove rust on anything is powerful. If any metal is old or left unused for a long time, there is a possibility of rust. The grinder is powerful enough to protect against such problems.

6.Metal Cleaner:

It is excellent to use as a metal cleaner. You can use it to do quick metal cleaning.  However, before using any of these tools, you must be well-experienced. Otherwise, there is a possibility of danger.

5 Angle Grinder Uses Ideas You Should Know Before Buying:

The grinders provide you with the straight and sharp edges of metals, stones, or tools. And you must take safety precautions to prevent injuries. Before starting to use it, you should know the proper use of it. The five key services of the angle grinder are given below:


This is the main work of the tool. You can grind any pretty hard metal with the grinders. It is one of the most effective masonry machines as a grinder. So, this is the first essential use of it.


An angle grinder can be used as an alternative to any cutting tool. This is an excellent solution for cutting masonry metal, ceramics, tiles, etc. The sharp blades keep the cutting edge smooth and very fine.


A tool is a handy tool for smoothing anything. Its role in smoothing every surface is immense. It is good to use a grinder to polish the glossy like new. However, you have to know the proper method of using it.


You can cut the edge of any metal, tiles, or stone smoothly with the sharp machine angle grinder. So this use of it is beneficial. But of course, you must take safety precautions to prevent injuries.


It is better to use a sander for sanding. But if you want to continue working a little, you can do it with a grinder. Grinder sanding is also very good with other uses. However, skills and qualifications are needed to use it properly.

Related Questions:

Do You Need An Angle Grinder?

You need an angle grinder. Because every workshop should have an angle grinder as it can replace many tools with the correct disc and effortlessly reduce intensive labor work. Moreover, the angle grinder is best for sharpening, polishing, grinding metal, and cutting the tile; routed out mortar tasks can be achievable with this tool. 

The propeller is also famous for saving a lot of time. The angle grinder also provides high-speed range and timely task completion. Still, it needs a bit of pressure forward and backward to cut throughout the material. That’s not all; it’s also easy to control and provides you with precise grinding at any angle. 

What Do You Need To Know About Buying An Angle Grinder?

It has a disc diameter for deep cutting the material, manageable speed controls, and safety features like anti-kickback, slow-start, and paddle switches for preventing injuries. Moreover, it’s also pretty durable as the brushless motors offer power and more runtime. The things you need to know about buying an angle grinder are given below:

You must check the expiry date on cutting discs or grinding wheels. Before buying, you have to consider the wattage. You can get more power cutting from a higher wattage. You must follow the safety rules as the angle grinder has two jeopardous elements: High RPM and a sharp cutting disc. 

What Is The Most Popular Size Angle Grinder?

Many popular angle grinder sizes are available. For most DIY projects, the ideal sizes are  4, 4.5, or 5-inch discs. But a smaller angle grinder has a seven inches capacity of a disc. Moreover, most DIYers also recommend it as it has compact sizes and weights for convenient work. 

However, the 9 inches disc grinder can surely benefit construction sites or industrial areas for industrial use or more significant projects. The larger disc needs larger grinders to handle the cutting strength. 

Although, the heavier grinder causes hand fatigue sooner due to the speed and strength. The price of these larger grinders is also double compared to the smaller ones.

Which Angle Grinder Is Best For Home Use?

The best angle grinder for DIY projects is Metabo HPT corded grinder. Its speed control and manageability make this power-corded grinder superior to battery-operated cordless grinders. Moreover, this angle grinder provides a hassle-free performance speed of around 10,000 Revolutions per minute. 

Besides the speed, it’s a 6.2 motor with a 4.5-inch disc, making it perfect for home use. The 4-pound weight makes it lightweight, giving you the liberty to work better and with more convenience. Even the power switch button installed in this grinder makes it an ideal option for cutting purposes. 

However, the 6.2 motors might get heated if used continuously for the entire day. So, while dealing with this grinder, don’t overuse it. Instead, give breaks while dealing with this grinder.    

How Common Are Angle Grinder Accidents?

Angle grinder accidents are not frequent if full precautions are taken. These tools are abrasive and highly used for polishing, cutting, and grinding, so stay careful while dealing with this tool. According to different surveys, half of the accidents occur due to unsafe work or operator error systems. 

Skin cuts or any other injuries can also occur if not handled with care. Most injuries occur due to deep scratches or amputations, even expired or bad-shape discs can lead to injuries. Therefore, to prevent damage, you must wear PPE to protect yourself from the risk of projectiles, especially in the eyes and head.

Can You Sand With An Angle Grinder?

The grinder can be used as a sander. Although the purpose is different, a grinder is used for shrinking, and sanding is used for smooth and polished materials for fine edges. An angle grinder has changeable discs for various uses, but you can change the disc specially made for sanding and use it for sanding any material. 

Moreover, the angle grinder with sanding disc combo has twice the sanding capabilities and can achieve it in half the time due to the grinder’s outstanding speed control. Nevertheless, primarily sand belts run around a pair of drums at high speed to polish the surface or edges of the material. 

The angle grinder needs a flap disc for the same result as sand belts. However, you must select the correct flap disc for the angle grinder for sanding. 


So, after going through this article, you can understand that you should buy an angle grinder. Moreover, these angle grinders are available in multiple ranges and facilities. Even every angle grinder has unique features and different power sources, and some might provide better results depending on the task. 

Know more and more about your project and buy the propeller according to your job. Don’t hesitate to ask questions that may come to your mind. 

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